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Perspective of China's small offset printing machine market (II)

when will the price fall?

"do you know? The small offset printing machines in Weifang have sold for 13000, and the additional dock is only more than 20000." Yingkou Sanxin sales manager Yuanfeng said with a smile. It is understood that in 2002, the average selling price of this model in Weifang market was 100000 yuan

in the second half of 2003, when many small offset press manufacturers were still predicting that the market demand suppressed by SARS would rebound, the quotations of those newly emerged competitors caught orthodox small offset press manufacturers by surprise. Wang Xuanquan, deputy general manager of Zhengtong, admitted that after adjustment, the sales price of Zhengtong small offset printing machines at the end of last year was close to the cost, and some of the peers were selling at a loss, because if none of the machines were sold, it would take up a lot of working capital. "If there were not so many troublemakers, many manufacturers, including Huaguang precision, would now develop very well", Zhang Jie, director of the market management department of Huaguang precision, said the pain of Weifang backbone enterprises. As for the compression of profit space, lichunhua, general manager of great wall, said frankly that he was not prepared for the price war at that time, "Like the 47a model in the past, the price of the current printer has been reduced too cruelly. From 2000 to 2003, it can still be sold for more than 100000 yuan. But now most customers are individual consumers, quality aside, and price has become their main consideration. Weifang manufacturers want to make money. If you don't sell it, others will sell it." Less than two years after the minimum average acceleration was 75g (G is the local gravity acceleration), the price of Great Wall's main product, the code printer 47np, was forced to adjust several times, which has fallen by 50%. Ren Haibin, general manager of Weifang Tianda Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tianda"), said, "many customers are willing to choose small offset printing machines with low prices and no quality assurance, but many strike after less than a year of operation. It seems that there are still many ignorant customers."

who is fighting a price war

small and medium-sized enterprises, including "workshop enterprises", although the production and sales volume of these enterprises is small and do not have a great impact on the market, the increasingly low quotation will have a great implication on the psychological expectations of consumers. After all, most of the customers faced by small offset press manufacturers are small and medium-sized individual printers in their infancy, and their funds are not much

for small and medium-sized offset printing machine manufacturing enterprises that are in turmoil in the market, we have reason to believe that most enterprises in this industry are willing to do well and become strong, except for a few "profit forgetting troublemakers". However, due to the lack of brand and technology, their only weapon to gain a foothold in the market is price. Sunweisheng, general manager of Yongcheng sales company, can understand their difficulties. At the beginning of entering the market, Yongcheng took the low price strategy. Through this bit by bit profit accumulation, it has gradually improved the quality and brand

lichunhua, general manager of great wall, has been gradually preparing to build offices in various regions recently, an important reason is that he has been strongly depressed by agents in various regions

"in order to maximize the benefits, the agent requires the supplier's agent price to be as low as possible on the one hand, and raises the price to the end consumers on the other hand, which has a great impact on the manufacturer's sales and profits, and the manufacturer appears very passive in the market." general manager Li Chunhua calculated such an account, establishing an additional office, and the enterprise will spend an additional twenty or thirty thousand yuan per month, However, because the local market price can be controlled, if the profit of each device increases by about 3000 yuan and more than 10 devices are sold in a month, the increased profit can fully cope with the increased expenditure. Facing the developing Chinese printing market, such an increase is not difficult. "The key is that great wall has a solid sales channel." During the interview, most medium-sized enterprises expressed dissatisfaction with the "two earners" approach of agents, except that backbone enterprises did not have this problem because of stable channels

the irrational consumption habit of consumers that "price is above everything" makes the main small offset press manufacturers in Weifang "2 and 3 camera electronics or frequency conversion electromechanical adopt imitation signal control is very injured", "for a long time, there is no profit, it is difficult for enterprises to have more money to invest in product quality control and technology research and development. In fact, small enterprises can't make money, and everyone is operating at a low profit", Zhang Jie, director of the market management department of Huaguang Seiko, believes that the price war is "both sides hurt" for consumers and manufacturers. "One or two out of ten consumers are rational consumers", "there is never a good price, only a penny for a penny", said Li Mei, vice president of Yingkou Sanxin, who is the "best bike to ride", and Chen Baobin, head of Weihai Hamada sales department. "Only by reducing the cost of internal control, ensuring the return of sales funds, investing the saved funds in research and development, and ensuring the quality, can we ensure stable profits in the medium and high-end market, avoid low price competition, and enter a virtuous circle", The marketing department of Weifang Donghang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Donghang") should clearly define the boundaries of different colors. Manager Zhu Jinxin believes that the guidance to consumers requires enterprises to take more active actions

but when asked when the price war will end, Each manufacturer has no clear expectation: "maybe there is still a year to go, and now the industry is still being 'cleaned up'. More than 20 enterprises in Weifang closed down last year and more than 10 in the first half of this year. Only by letting these small enterprises gradually withdraw from the market can the price war really end." sunweisheng, general manager of Yongcheng sales company, believes that non-standard small enterprises will eventually be abandoned by consumers. Zhang Jie, director of the market management department of Huaguang Seiko, believes that the price war is a necessary process for the market to mature. "What the price war brings out is high quality and high technology, and we should never passively respond to it." manager Xu, deputy director of the Sales Department of weihaisonghe machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "weihaisonghe") explained weihaisonghe's art of war. Ren Haibin, general manager of Investec, who compares the small offset press market to the "oneortwo o'clock sun in the afternoon", also believes that the enterprises left after the price war reshuffle can only be those with confidence and strength. Only through this process can the market really mature, just like the business card machine market in Hangzhou a few years ago, which was finally cleaned up from 400 in the prosperous period to only more than 10 now. Of course, there is another reason for them to persist in the price war, which is the leather shoes in Wenzhou

Wenzhou leather shoes

in the interview, Weifang manufacturers unexpectedly mentioned Wenzhou leather shoes. They are also market competitors with a large number of leather shoes, and their prices are also constantly falling. The low-quality "leather shoes" widely sold in Wenzhou at home and abroad have an excellent echo with many low-quality small offset printing machines coming out of workshops in Weifang. In the early 1990s, disordered market competition made Wenzhou leather shoes synonymous with fake and inferior products. Under the pressure of low prices, some manufacturers in Weifang cut corners, shortened working hours, and even installed defective parts to deceive consumers. Ren Haibin, general manager of Tianda, said: "when Tianda first started selling, many customers heard that it was from Weifang, so they waved away immediately. What the price war really damaged was the big trademark of Weifang."

"we are very willing to take customers to our workshop to let them know how each machine of China Eastern Airlines is produced". The bad impression of customers on Weifang small offset press made zhujinxin, manager of marketing department very excited. In the product brochures of every Weifang small offset press enterprise, certificates of various quality inspection and evaluation results will be published in a large format, "in fact, this is a proof that in the chaotic market competition, we can only protect ourselves." The idea of Ren Haibin, general manager of Tianda, is representative in many enterprises in Weifang

however, Weifang manufacturers mentioned that Wenzhou's leather shoes are more about the "shoe burning incident" that shocked the society, similar to the "shoe capital" Wenzhou. In order to thoroughly eliminate the low-quality and low-cost competition in the disordered state, under the leadership of the government and the chamber of Commerce, fake and low-quality shoes were burned away. Then a series of actions were taken to strongly regulate the market, so that the market environment was purified and disordered competition was fully curbed. Under the supervision of the chamber of Commerce, the quality of Wenzhou shoes has been greatly guaranteed, from "paper shoes" to "straw sandals". It is these tough measures that have completely ended the low-efficiency and low-level price war, making Wenzhou shoe industry enter the fast lane of development again

it can be said that the strong sense of market regulation came from the enlightenment two years ago. In 2003, China Printing Machinery Quality Inspection Center was appointed by the China Bureau of quality supervision to carry out special quality inspection of small offset printing machines in Weifang Area. This move was warmly welcomed by backbone manufacturers such as Huaguang Seiko and China Eastern Airlines, and of course, some small manufacturers evaded or even resisted. "This is a very authoritative proof, which has a certain normative effect on this market and greatly promotes our sales, because the norms in this field have been lack of authoritative power, and the efforts to rectify problems have not been enough." Zhang Jie, director of the market management department of Huaguang precision industry, said that he hoped that the government and relevant institutions could continue to appear in this market

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