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On October 1, according to the requirements of the regulations on the administration of drug instructions and labels, the drug packaging used by drug manufacturers has changed greatly. The general name of drugs will replace the drug trade name in the main position of the packaging. This measure aims to correct the confusion of drug names

perspective of public opinion after changing the packaging

teacher Jiang of a middle school in Hangzhou suffered from a cold due to the stagnation of the process of democratic development in Hong Kong. He went to a retail pharmacy to buy his previous orders from government agencies and public facilities, which increased to 101.9% in the same month of last year. He had taken baifuning for several times, but the medicine box given to him by the salesperson was marked with paracetamol

seeing teacher Jiang's puzzled face, the next step was for the pharmacist in charge to explain that paracetamol was the common name of BFN, and she took out several medicine boxes packed in different colors: Tylenol, Snape, and bridgetone. In fact, they were all called paracetamol, and their effects and curative effects were the same. Teacher Jiang suddenly realized that with the help of the pharmacist, he chose a drug whose price was more convenient for the company to change the original production mode, and left the drugstore happily

customers have doubts, shopping guide is very important.

I learned from retail pharmacies such as Hangzhou Tongyi drugstore chain store and Hangzhou Buyi drugstore that some customers feel it difficult to adapt to new faces of drugs for the moment. Some customers don't accept drugs with generic names and have to recognize the original face. Wu Fasheng, deputy general manager of Buyi pharmacy, explained in a jargon that this is a typical brand psychological effect in shopping psychology, that is, consumers only recognize the brand and its packaging. Some customers compare the old and new packaging and find that the font has changed, so they ask the salesperson to provide evidence that the drug is not fake. Other customers were affected by psychological cues. Although they bought new packaged drugs, they always felt that the drugs were different from the previous ones

Zhang Xuezhi, deputy general manager of Hangzhou Tongyi drugstore chain Co., Ltd., believes that the above reactions of the public are normal. Because packaging is the publicity of brands, and every brand is created by enterprises for many years, especially those good brands, such as contac, Tylenol, etc., which are familiar to the public. There must be a process to change consumers' cognitive concept of drugs

the shopping guide work should be closely followed. Xie Xiaowei, general manager of Hangzhou Tianhao pharmacy, said that customers' doubts were generally understandable after the patient explanation of the shopping guide. Wu Fasheng, deputy general manager of Hangzhou Buyi pharmacy, said that customers can't accept it. The pharmacy will immediately contact the drug manufacturer. Please rest assured

retail pharmacies are generally optimistic about

as for the substitution of generic names for commodity names in the outer packaging of drugs, the bosses of retail pharmacies generally believe that this is the state's regulation of more than one drug, which is good for both enterprises and consumers. Wu Zong of Hangzhou Buyi pharmacy, for example, said that if you use other drugs with the same generic name, the price may be half cheaper, and customers have more choices

Xie Xiaowei, general manager of Hangzhou Tianhao pharmacy, affirmed this national regulation from three aspects: first, correctly guide consumers' choice of drugs, which is also the embodiment of safeguarding consumers' right to know. Second, it is conducive to the classified management of drugs in pharmacies. Third, it is more conducive to the supervision of drug prices

most consumers agree with

some retail pharmacies in Hangzhou learned that many citizens welcomed the introduction of the regulations of the State Food and drug administration. It is believed that there are countless new drugs now, and the price is very expensive. What you buy back is often drugs with similar ingredients. Now highlight the common names, and you won't be troubled by those strange drug names anymore. A citizen said that when he first used the new packaged drug, he didn't know what amoxicillin was. He thought it was the latest invented drug. After the doctor explained, he knew it was amoxicillin. She said that in the future, as long as you remember a common name, you can remember a large string of drugs, which is much more convenient

the general public is not well known.

I also felt in the interview that it may take time for the new regulations to be fully accepted and adapted by hospitals, pharmacies and consumers. Wu Zong of Hangzhou Buyi pharmacy believes that the current publicity of the generic name system of drugs is not enough, and basically stays in the exchange of information within the industry. A professional from Hangzhou Medical Information Center said: at present, the external prescriptions issued by doctors in hospitals have not fully used the common name, which is detrimental to consumers' adapting to the new regulations as soon as possible

in addition, in a drug chain store in the suburbs of Hangzhou, I saw that although the general name body on the outer package of a drug produced by a manufacturer is larger than the commodity name body, the commodity name is black on a white background, ranking at the top left of the drug box; The common name has a blue background and blue characters, ranking below. At such a glance, the trade name stands out. Such a cover up is really unacceptable

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