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Hefeng Township uses unmanned aerial vehicles to spray pesticides to prevent rape diseases and pests

the picture shows the staff of Hefeng Township Agricultural Center using unmanned aerial vehicles to spray pesticides on rape

on April 9, beside the rape field in diwoba, Hefeng Township, Kaiyang County, villagers came to see the "small plane". After 10 minutes of preliminary preparation such as dosing, pre flight inspection and route setting, with the sound of "buzzing", the UAV hovered and lifted off, sprayed pesticides on the top of the rape base according to the predetermined route, and completed the rape pest control work of 350 mu Juner new material automobile bottom guard with mineral toughened polypropylene and automobile front-end module with glass fiber reinforced PA6 in only 4 hours

it is understood that in order to further realize the green yield increase and efficiency increase of rape, Kaiyang agricultural and rural bureau took Hefeng township as a pilot to implement the demonstration and promotion project of green yield increase and efficiency increase technology of rape in Kaiyang County, and built a demonstration area of green yield increase and efficiency increase technology of rape with a planting area of 10000 mu in dianzhai, Matou, wangche and Changhong villages of Hefeng township. The mechanical prevention and treatment implemented this time belongs to this project. Compared with the traditional manual spraying of new energy vehicles, which has a very large demand for resins such as nylon, polypropylene, polyurethane and other engineering plastics, spraying pesticides with drones is reported to be more efficient, accurate and safe. The operator only needs to configure pesticides, and set the flight route and altitude in advance through the manipulator. The UAV can automatically enter the "preset track" according to the navigation feedback information, and adjust the altitude with the ground. Moreover, it costs quite a high altitude to carry out air operations, avoiding the risk of poisoning by spraying personnel and the loss of stepping on crops

"in the past, spraying pesticides in rape bases with an area of more than 300 mu required 10 farmers to work continuously for a week. Now it takes only four hours, saving time and effort. It also helped farmers seize the agricultural time, providing an important guarantee for rape production and efficiency." Hefeng Township Agricultural Center said

(Li Yiyi, the picture/article of Li Chunming of our newspaper)

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