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Personnel changes of BASF coatings

the supervisory board of BASF coatings recently appointed Thomas Hartmann as general manager and industrial relations manager of BASF coatings. The appointment came into effect on September 1st, 2013. At that time, Thomas Hartmann will replace EVA m ller, and EVA m ller will have a new appointment

in addition to his new job, Hartmann will continue to be the head of global human resources for BASF coatings. Hartmann has a law degree and joined BASF in 1993. He worked at BASF headquarters road port until he became BASF paint human resources manager in 2009

since this kind of contradiction between supply and demand, McClelland said how to solve it? From July 1st, 2013, Dr. Renate Bork br cken was appointed as the head of Minster factory. Her responsibility is the development of BASF paint in the factory. Bork br cken was a chemist who joined BASF in 1988. From 2007 to 2013, Bork br cken has been the head of Human Resources Department of BASF shared service center in Berlin

Dr. Markus kamieth has been the chairman of BASF paint Management Committee since March 2012

get a deeper understanding of it BASF coatings is headquartered in Minster, which has 2200 employees

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