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The metal industry is facing challenges, and European countermeasures are worth learning from

in recent years, it has become commonplace for plastic packaging to replace metal packaging in many fields. However, in beer, drink 3 Safety rope tensile testing machine double report: fully open user report material, medicine, food, canned food, chemical industry, military products, cosmetics and other industries in some special fields, metal packaging still plays an irreplaceable role in other packaging. At present, the current situation of China's metal packaging industry is that the variety is single, which is difficult to meet the requirements of the further development of packaging, which restricts the development of metal packaging; Most metal packaging enterprises are small in scale and have low industrial concentration; Lack of talents and innovation ability; Tinplate prices remain high. How to solve the problems of low level, homogeneity and price competition is the key to promote the orderly development of the metal packaging industry. (the temperature and temperature of metal packaging industry are uneven)


overview of metal packaging materials

development direction of metal packaging industry

analysis of the current situation of metal packaging containers

problems and Countermeasures of technical barriers faced by China's metal packaging industry

development problems and improvement plans of China's metal packaging industry

Random Talk on the development trend of metal packaging - Design Innovation

review of 20 years of reform and opening up of metal packaging and development strategy for the new century

development strategy of Zhejiang Huangyan Hualin bottle cap factory Aluminum pull rings pull open the lid

China's metal packaging is facing a historical development period from a large packaging country to a powerful country. How to seize the current development opportunities, from product appearance, expression methods, application fields to enterprise competition, marketing ideas, technical core capabilities and enterprise development mode, comprehensively improve the ability and level of packaging in China and reduce the gap with foreign countries. The efforts made by European metal packaging in terms of market weakness, rising prices of raw materials, competition and challenges of other packaging, improving the environment, reducing resource consumption and stimulating the application of innovative design in all aspects have important guiding and reference functions for the development and prosperity of metal packaging in China. We need to spend more time to learn, experience and practice the large tonnage experimental machines often used in the metal and construction industries. We also hope that scholars, governments and associations will give enterprises more support and care. Jointly promote China's metal packaging industry to a new level... (four challenges test the four countermeasures of the European metal packaging industry, which is worth learning from domestic peers)


analysis of the standing conditions of state-owned metal packaging enterprises

the current situation, potential and development direction of China's metal packaging manufacturing industry

the metal packaging can industry should take the lead in using economic levers to promote development

metal packaging still occupies an important packaging position in the world because of its unique preservation, sealing and decorative charm. The total consumption has reached 16.2 million tons, especially in Asia, Western Europe and North America. The consumption of metal packaging ranks among the top three. The main application market of metal packaging is food and beverage, accounting for more than 50% of the total global metal packaging... (overview of the metal packaging industry market)

the price of tinplate in China has been rising since last June, putting the whole industry with tinplate as the main raw material in metal packaging into trouble. At the same time, it also triggered numerous chain reactions in downstream industries of metal packaging. Everyone believes that the continuous and rapid price rise is incomprehensible and unfair. This is not the natural law of market supply and demand, but abnormal business behavior. Therefore, the downstream industry, which increases the purchase cost of the can making industry, does not agree to transfer the price increase (especially for enterprises that have signed futures contracts before the interim safeguard measures). Make the whole industry "belly and back squeezed"


the import volume of tinplate needs to be controlled

the tinplate price continued to operate at a high level

the price of tinplate in Guangzhou rose by 20% in April

the environmental protection and development of the tinplate packaging industry synchronized

the price of tinplate locked the throat of downstream industries

the price of tinplate soared by 70%, and the packaging industry was hit hard

the development of the canning industry will drive the strong demand for tinplate

with "3r+1" Resolve the storm of tinplate price rise

the huge rise in tinplate price has brought about the adjustment of packaging material selection structure

in the face of the storm of tinplate price rise, how can aerosol tank enterprises resolve the development of

metal packaging, its focus and development center of gravity are shifting, mainly including: first, the application of computer digitization technology in iron printing, can making, detection and control has unprecedentedly improved production efficiency; Second, focus on enhancing the visual impact of shelves, portability and convenience for storage and transportation, comprehensively improve the product grade and resist the challenges of paper and plastic packaging; Third, focusing on reducing resource consumption and product recycling, it has derived a series of innovations and developments in material technology, printing technology, welding can making technology, cover opening methods and technologies. Specific packaging product form "expectation" to strengthen sales packaging is the focus of metal packaging in the future; The trend of green and environmental protection packaging, the design of light packaging manufacturing, material saving, pollution-free, minimizing the consumption of environment and resources, as well as functionality and convenience, further excavate the tinplate metal packaging materials, and must be replaced immediately when the instigator alarms; Quality features, portable and easy-to-use design, reusable design, etc., will fully expand the application and competitiveness of metal packaging in all aspects

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