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Metal ink and special effect ink

although metal ink and special effect ink have been affected by price growth, suppliers have promoted the development of ink through continuous innovation

in the past 2005, there have been some influential events in the metal ink Market: Germany's ALTANA Chemical Co., Ltd. acquired Germany's Eckart fine chemicals group, Switzerland's Ciba Specialty Chemicals Company acquired Britain's Wolstenholme international company's metalsheen high reflection aluminum powder pigment production line The MD both joint venture established in 1982 by wuxingxing international and Schlenk (headquartered in Germany) ceased to operate

these changes in the metal ink market represent the trend of the ink market towards globalization, reflecting that the market is gradually monopolized by several manufacturers with large scale and strong economic strength, which also enables these manufacturers to actively adjust the product structure while adding materials in operation to cope with the changes in supply and demand in the ink and printing market. For example, ALTANA company took over the business of aika company, a 127 year old family business. The global business manager of Ciba Specialty metal pigments called this merger phenomenon the Wal Mart effect. Now the company is a global supplier, just like Ciba Specialty Chemical Company's acquisition of Meierxin business is to further improve the company's product structure, which also promotes other products of Ciba Specialty Chemical Company. At the same time, Meierxin can provide more stable services to customers with the help of Ciba's global distribution and supply network

facing great challenges

at present, the metal ink and pigment market is facing two major challenges, the biggest of which is how to deal with the rising raw material costs. In this case, another challenge that manufacturers must deal with is to ensure the quality of products

in response to the rising price of raw materials, what we need to do now is to further innovate, develop new products, provide more technical support, and develop new application fields of metal inks. On the one hand, we should realize that metal ink can replace more expensive substrates, such as aluminum foil or gold-plated materials; On the other hand, metal pigments are widely used, and metal effects can be achieved in a more flexible way, so as to ensure the accurate positioning of metal effects on packaging and improve the product image while reducing costs. In the past few years, metal ink technology has been greatly improved in terms of printing convenience and flexibility. At present, many consumer goods have begun to use an ink containing VMP (metallic pigment) as a substitute for aluminum foil paperboard. In short, metal inks are widely used in consumer goods that pay attention to eye stimulation, such as food, beverages, health care and beauty products

to ensure product quality, it is necessary to ensure the quality stability of each batch of products. Because the stability of ink performance and appearance is very important for brand users, customers require that each batch of products have the same hue and printability. When customers require metal pigments with smaller particle size and higher brightness, they also put forward higher requirements for the hiding power and adhesion of pigments. Therefore, it is always a big problem to provide ink with stable performance at an acceptable price

in general, the main problem faced by metal inks is no longer the technical level, but how to achieve the final desired use effect. Metal inks are now widely used, but there are many factors that affect the final effect, such as substrate materials, coating process and composite. Only through continuous training of printing manufacturers using metal inks, can the correct operation ensure that the final products satisfy consumers

constantly launch new products

at present, continuous product innovation is a good way to promote the growth of ink, especially for metal and special effect inks

what excites metal ink companies is that the market demand for metal and special effect inks is growing

although metal inks have disadvantages of high cost, there are also new nwrakfx series and the global biodegradable plastic packaging market value will exceed US $8.415 billion by 2019. Mirasheen floating VMP (vacuum electroplated metal pigment) super bright aluminum paste is produced, which is suitable for offset printing, flexographic printing, printing a variety of ink products with imitation bronzing effect, and all have high cost advantages. Eka company Eka company is also facing the problem of increasing raw material prices. Now, only by improving production efficiency as much as possible can we reduce the pressure on costs. While constantly improving the existing products, Eckart also pays attention to developing new products to expand the market. The fields that were previously restricted or even impossible to use special effect inks have now become the focus of Eckart. For example, the newly developed metalstarnl silver ink has very good overprint performance and superior adhesion, and its floating pigment rotovario560 series and non floating pigment rotovario530 series have improved the gloss standard of gold ink and the printability of silver ink. Aika also recently launched the tiostar palette for sheet fed and web offset printing. This new palette is another measure for aika to consolidate its leading position in the field of special effect inks

silberline company Silberline company has developed a new pigment with better brightness and better metal mobility. The brand of the new product is sparkle silver Ultra. This new pigment has a smoother biconvex surface and a very narrow particle size distribution

wuxingxing company wuxingxing company recently developed a new fixture of energy curing metal electronic tensile testing machine. As an important part of the instrument, the ink series unipak super cure, its sheet fed offset printing and flexographic printing inks show better printability on many substrates. These inks use new pigment processing technology and add special stabilizers to increase the stability of ink storage and ensure better metallic luster

the Meierxin high reflective aluminum powder pigment production line acquired by Ciba Specialty Chemicals Co., Ltd. and Ciba Specialty Chemicals Co., Ltd. will continue to take "metalsheen" as the trademark in the future. These metal pigments with various functions provide more choices for printing high gloss, flash and mirror effect, so that manufacturers and designers broaden the range of choices and have higher flexibility, which can meet the pursuit of uniqueness and elegant quality in today's market

Meierxin is the latest ultra-thin, non floating electroplating aluminum paste produced by wuxingxing. It is a very unique metal pigment. It can obtain a very smooth and extremely thin scale structure through special vacuum electroplating process. Therefore, it has completely different metal effects from copper and aluminum metal pigments produced by traditional methods (ball milling, etc.). Using Meierxin correctly can obtain a surface coating similar to chromium plating. It has more elegant and softer optical effect than ordinary electroplating, and can obtain better hiding power, extra bright metallic feeling and pure color. Meierxin vacuum extra bright electroplating aluminum silver paste is widely used in the field of coatings and ink products to ensure that packaging, coatings, inks, cosmetics and other products have high quality and high added value

in addition, Ciba Specialty Chemicals also expanded its product range by establishing a joint venture with China's largest manufacturer and supplier of high-quality pearl and metallic gloss effect pigments. In March, 2005, Ciba Specialty Chemicals Co., Ltd. cooperated with Wenzhou Liucheng group to jointly establish a new joint venture company, Zhejiang Ruicheng Pearlescent Pigment Co., Ltd., with the assets of "Wenzhou kunwei Pearlescent Pigment Co., Ltd." and "Wenzhou Tiancheng Mica Material Co., Ltd." under the former Liucheng group and the funds of Ciba Specialty Chemicals Co., Ltd., committed to becoming a leading enterprise in the field of special effect pigments, The business covers the production and manufacturing of special effect pigments, technology research and development, market development and customer support. Its pearlescent pigments are widely used in coatings, plastics, inks, cosmetics, papermaking and other industrial fields. This cooperation will help Ciba Specialty Chemicals strengthen its market position in China and further expand its pigment series products


metal and special effect Meador sees a bright and lasting future of carbon nanotube materials. Although fruit ink is facing huge cost pressure, the continued strong market demand has prompted suppliers to continuously increase investment, expand their business scope and influence through technological innovation and mergers and acquisitions, and provide the industry with higher quality and more choices, Promote the continuous development of metal and special effect ink market

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