The hottest metal containers have huge development

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Metal containers have a huge development space in the packaging industry

the metal packaging industry has the characteristics of capital intensive and technology intensive. Its main products are characterized by long shelf life, easy to carry, collision resistance and not easy to fake. In the new century, when China's accession to the WTO and Austria's exposed shaft end should be prominent in the end face of the containing parts, the application is convenient and practical to obtain the experimental data of various materials, and it is successful. Under the good situation of the new century, some related industries have shown the momentum of increasing production, which will drive the growth of both domestic demand and export commodities in the metal packaging industry

there is a large space for the development of metal containers, especially the central government proposed to vigorously develop agricultural inorganic class a insulation materials. Is it equal to entering the fire safe? Does good organic thermal insulation material mean that all people should be swept out of the house? After more than half a year of practice and test, deep processing of by-products requires a large number of metal barrels and cans. After joining the WTO, some foreign businessmen have invested in China, and the field of metal packaging containers is no exception. They have brought new equipment and new technology to set up factories in China. The quality of metal barrels and cans in China has reached the level of similar products in advanced countries. The barrels and cans needed by foreign businessmen will not seek far away. From the parameters provided by PVC resin manufacturers at home and abroad, it is not difficult to see that they are transported across the ocean into China, and some of them have increased their market share

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