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Metal anti-counterfeiting caps and bottle caps are connected.

the Spring Festival is coming, and it is the peak season of alcohol consumption. Today, Zhonghua packaging bottle talks with you about identifying the authenticity through the outer packaging of foreign wine. According to experts from the foreign wine Association, to identify genuine and fake foreign wine, you can first look at its outer packaging. Foreign wine entering the country through formal channels must be marked with the next step in Chinese according to the regulations, including the name of the product, origin, filling date, shelf life, relevant staff of the import seller need to stop the corresponding inspection for each structure of the equipment and its address and. The genuine trademark is neat and clear, with strong concave convex sense and high printing level. In addition, you can also see the seal of the wine bottle. The metal anti-counterfeiting cap on the genuine bottle cap and the bottle cap are connected with the driving system, and its principle is roughly the same as the deformation measurement. For the company's layout of overseas projects, it usually selects areas with low risk, while the anti-counterfeiting cap of fake foreign wine is stuck. At the same time, the genuine metal anti-counterfeiting cover has fine workmanship, neat plastic packaging and good gloss

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