The hottest metal can convenient food packaging

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Metal cans are convenient food and packed in high-performance, multi-purpose packages.

this innovative single serving package is composed of a polymer coated metal bowl and an easy to open tear cover, which not only ensures practicality, but also has good preservation. William Saurin, a famous French convenience food manufacturer, chose this kind of packaging from crown because it can attract consumers and meet the needs of modern people for a busy pace of life and healthy food

because of its enhanced shelf appeal and high quality, as well as its easy to open tear cover, this kind of packaging is very attractive and convenient for busy consumers, the elderly or children. Through the cooking process, the best food safety can be achieved while maintaining the taste, flavor, color and vitamins of food. The quality and freshness of products can be guaranteed in the whole supply chain, including the process from storage to use by consumers. Food can be eaten directly from the packaging, so consumers can enjoy the delicious food inside as a convenience that has not been used before. This kind of metal can is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable

for food manufacturers, this kind of packaging provides the ability of rapid processing, as well as excellent barrier performance and 3-year shelf life


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