The hottest metal antirust paint comes out in the

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Metal antirust paint came out in the United States.

brookha of the U.S. Department of energy once said that VE National Laboratory developed a water-based paint that can be used to prevent metal rust. This coating is made of grain, crab shell and lobster shell, which is harmless to human beings and the environment

the basic component of the coating is a substance called chitosan extracted from the shells of crabs and lobsters. Because chitosan is soluble in water. And it can't adhere to the metal well. After combining with a "green" material found in grain, researchers can get a product that is dense, moisture-resistant and can completely adhere to the metal after using computer technology. After testing, the coating can protect the metal from salt water erosion for twice as long as other coatings, and even used in harsh geothermal environment. The nano composite material composed of semi infinite graphene layer sandwiched by thin sheets can also play a good role in protecting the metal

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