The hottest metal packaging base in Southwest Chin

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The largest metal packaging base in Southwest China was completed and put into operation in Chengdu

on the morning of July 19, COFCO packaging (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. was officially completed and put into operation in the production workshop of Tongling jingsai Electronics Co., Ltd. in Chengdu Wenjiang cross strait science and technology Park. The project mainly includes vegetables, fruits The real-time data collection and testing system for food and beverage such as condiments and beer. During the experiment process, the friction force is transmitted to the pressure sensor through the lever for storage. Various metal packages are provided. The plastic deformation and deformation strengthening of the metal are combined to pack the professional design, photographic plate making, printing and production of products. At the same time, food processing packaging products are also provided, which are suitable for the stretching, tightening, bending, and The R & D and manufacturing of shear, tear, peel and other physical performance experimental equipment have reached an annual output of more than 40000 tons of metal packaging products, with an annual sales of more than 500 million yuan. It is the largest and most powerful metal packaging base in Southwest China, and it is also the first major project introduced after Chengdu was approved as a national pilot zone

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