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Metal packaging has an irreplaceable position in the food industry

metal packaging has an irreplaceable position in the food packaging industry with its excellent printing performance, noble metal texture, excellent flavor retention performance and other characteristic terms. Let's take a look at the three application examples of metal packaging in the domestic food packaging market

1. Tea cans

there are many kinds of tea cans, including tin tea cans, bamboo tea cans, porcelain tea cans and so on. Tin cans are the best containers for storing tea. Tin is widely used in the food industry at home and abroad. For food protection, it is necessary to consider whether it is the best material for fresh packaging in case of failure in the refrigeration system. Also known as green metal. Because tin cans have strong antioxidant capacity, good sealing, low oxygen permeability, good conductivity, no metal odor and other characteristics, they have been used as tea storage and drinking appliances for a long time

tea cans are generally made of tinned sheet steel. The shape of the can is square and cylindrical, and the cover is divided into single-layer cover and double-layer cover. From the perspective of sealing, tea cans are divided into general cans and sealed cans. In terms of packaging technology, Deoxidizer packaging is usually used in cans to remove oxygen in the packaging; Sealed cans are usually packed with air and vacuum. Practice has proved that the protection of metal cans on tea is better than that of composite film packaging bags, and the appearance is beautiful and noble. The metal cans with exquisite design are more suitable for high-end tea packaging

2. Moon cake gift box

during the Mid Autumn Festival, people have the habit of sending moon cakes to their relatives and friends. As a gift, people naturally hope that it can be more exquisite. Therefore, in terms of design, they will try to make the moon cake box unique and distinctive. For example, in terms of material selection, in addition to cardboard packaging, high-density fiberboard or better wood will be selected, and some will be packaged with metal

generally speaking, metal packaging also has a certain collection value, and can also be reused, without causing pollution and waste. Each moon cake gift box is full of creativity, which not only echoes the happy and peaceful atmosphere of the Mid Autumn Festival, but also highlights the texture of the moon cake gift box

3. Milk powder cans

milk powder does not add any preservatives, and its tightness and barrier also ensure that the contents will not be contaminated by harmful bacteria under normal temperature storage conditions, which cannot be achieved by plastic, paper and composite packaging materials

the use of products that are not likely to be bought at a high price without taking advantage of the heart has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance. The coating containing fluorescent brightener, the content of free formaldehyde in milk powder cans is strictly controlled. Coupled with a series of technical support such as the inspection of E. coli, sakazakii and Staphylococcus aureus, the health and safety of metal milk powder cans are fully guaranteed. When plastic water supply pipes are used, the energy-saving effect can reach 50% China will complete the construction of 1billion square meters of green buildings

metal packaging is a material that can be recycled for unlimited times and continuously regenerated into new metal packaging and other metal products. Metal cans do not produce garbage or produce a small amount of garbage. In short, in the future development of digital printing and post press processing, metal packaging will also give full play to its advantages in environmental protection, humanization, health and safety, and open up a broader sky in the food packaging industry

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