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Jinhua "hongrenyuan" sued Microsoft for trademark infringement

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core tip: Recently, Hangzhou Xihu District Court accepted the case of Zhejiang hongrenyuan e-commerce Co., Ltd. v. Microsoft for trademark infringement, Sue Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd. and its sales agent Hangzhou Geli Technology Co., Ltd. to stop the infringement of its exclusive right to use its registered trademark

in the afternoon of December 29, 2017, Sogou input law sued Baidu for input law infringement, which has the latest results. The Shanghai Intellectual Property Court made a judgment on the "user multi library case" in the Sogou v. Baidu patent case, rejecting all the claims of the plaintiff Beijing Sogou Technology Development Co., Ltd., and Baidu input method did not infringe

then, Sogou communicated with Phoenix technology, saying, "the patent lawsuit between Sogou and Baidu involved a total of 17 patents before and after, and the patent involved in this trial is only one of them, which is not decisive. At the same time, this trial is only the first instance judgment, which cannot represent the final result. Sogou will continue to appeal and use legal weapons to safeguard its legitimate interests."

Samsung exposed new patents: fingerprint activated crimpable display screen

recently, foreign media phonearena reported that Samsung applied for a patent for a crimpable display screen that can be activated by fingerprints. The patent shows two different styles, namely square and cylindrical handles. The biggest feature of these two product patents is that they are equipped with fingerprint sensors, and users can expand the display screen by activating fingerprints

it has to be said that Samsung's innovation in screen technology is beyond the reach of many competitors. From the LCD era to the current OLED era, from the flat era to the current curved era, Samsung has always been at the forefront of the era. Before that, Samsung has also shown a variety of patented display technologies that can be bent, folded and stretched

Apple iPhone x won the new patent of banged screen

the iPhone x released last year has a very large change in shape. It abandons the traditional home key and adopts a comprehensive screen design. Although there is a bangs on its forehead, this is the most comprehensive screen with a proportion of 100% in the current market. No matter how eye-catching the front bangs of iPhone X are, it is undeniable that this design will still be the ID that other manufacturers are competing to imitate. Of course, some manufacturers are already taking action, which is extremely unfavorable for apple, but now the big trick is coming

the new patent released by the U.S. patent and trademark office today shows that Apple has obtained the shape patent of iPhone x, that is to say, if other manufacturers take out the full screen with bangs, the experimental data can be saved, queried and called at any time, which is an infringement of Apple's patent. IPhone X has shown Apple's design ideas in the next 10 years, and after the rapid development of the entire industry chain, let the iPhone really use a comprehensive screen with 100% screen share

Samsung applied for the DEX pad trademark in Europe, which may be launched as a galaxy S9 accessory.

Samsung applied for the DEX pad trademark to the European unified intellectual property office on December 29 last year. It is believed that DEX pad is a modified version of DEX station of Galaxy S8 last year. It is believed that Samsung may announce the launch of DEX pad at CES next week, but it is more likely to announce it at the mobile world conference at the end of February. Although DEX station is more like a docking station, DEX pad is expected to become a touch pad compatible with Galaxy S9

at present, it is not clear whether the device needs a data line to connect with peripheral devices of the device, display and keyboard, or connect these devices through wireless technology, and whether the device will be allowed to act as a wireless hub. The device may be included in the galaxy S9 pre order package as an accessory, because DEX station was launched with Galaxy S8 in some markets last year

Jinhua "hongrenyuan" v. Microsoft trademark infringement

recently, the Hangzhou West Lake District Court accepted the case of Zhejiang hongrenyuan e-commerce Co., Ltd. v. Microsoft trademark infringement, and appealed to Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd. and its sales agent Hangzhou Gaili Technology Co., Ltd. to stop infringing on its exclusive right to use its registered trademark

"hongrenyuan" is an information network high-tech enterprise in Jinhua. In February, 2013, the founder commissioned the company's artists to design a new trademark. The basic elements of the new trademark are five letters: H, C, e, D, G. h is the first letter of Hong's Pinyin, C is the first letter of Chinese English, and EDG English is interpreted as "edge" and "advantage"

on April 30, 2015, Microsoft announced at the build 2015 developer conference in San Francisco that the browser of its new generation operating system, windows 10, was officially named "Microsoft edge". After analysis and identification, hongrenyuan company believed that the icon used in Microsoft's latest browser was similar to the company's trademark pattern, and used in the same service category as the 42 categories approved for use in the company's registered trademark, which would confuse ordinary consumers in the Internet and software industries, so it filed a lawsuit to the court to safeguard its trademark exclusive right

notice on the publication of the "guidelines for the declaration of goods and services for trademark registration"

in order to implement the "opinions of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on vigorously promoting the reform of the facilitation of trademark registration", and to facilitate applicants to declare the categories and names of goods and services when applying for trademark registration, the State Trademark Office has formulated the "guidelines for the declaration of goods and services for trademark registration", which will be published. The applicant can check under "classification of goods and services" in the "trademark application" column of Chinese trademark

top five intellectual property offices in the world: the number of patent applications in China has been 2.4 times that of the United States since 2015

according to the data of the top five intellectual property offices in the world, the number of patent applications in China has been 2.4 times that of the United States since 2015. At the same time, China is also applying for more patents in Europe and the United States. In 2015, 8116 patent applications in China were approved in the United States (the annualized compound growth rate was 2 years, and the linearity of sensor elements reached a very high level of 5%), accounting for 3% of the total number of U.S. patents authorized in when its corresponding transition temperature was the glass transition temperature, and ranked fifth in overseas countries (ranking only 15th in 2007), ranking higher than Britain and France. Ahead of China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are all export-oriented economies. This not only shows that China's technological power is rising, but also shows that in some industries, Chinese enterprises have made strategic preparations for entering the U.S. market

SAIC: China has become an important force to promote the growth of global trademark intellectual property rights

the National Conference on industry and Commerce and market regulation opened in Beijing on December 29. Zhang Mao, Secretary of the Party group and director of the State Administration for Industry and commerce, delivered a work report on behalf of the Party group of the State Administration for Industry and commerce. p>

in his work report, Zhang Mao summarized the groundbreaking achievements of industry and Commerce and market supervision in 2017. The reform of the commercial registration system has been expanded in depth, and the commercial system has undergone fundamental changes, providing an institutional guarantee for the prosperity and development of market players. Adhere to the combination of "Leniency and strict control", promote the transformation of the focus of market supervision from traditional prior approval to in-process and post supervision, and a new supervision mechanism has been basically established

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