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Jinjing anti glare high transmittance and high strength photovoltaic glass project was put into operation on May 28, Qingdao Jinjing Co., Ltd. invested a total of 200million yuan in the "anti glare high transmittance and high strength photovoltaic glass" project, which is mainly used in the mask of solar photovoltaic power generation equipment, and was put into operation in Qingdao Development Zone. The commissioning of the project marks a new stage in the development and utilization of solar energy in Qingdao. Qingdao Jinjing now has the largest calendered glass production base with the most advanced technology in the world, and it is also the glass processing base with the strongest comprehensive strength in China. What are the common faults of microcomputer controlled impact testing machine in the process of use? What are the solutions to these common faults

as a new clean energy, solar energy is being paid great attention by people, and countries all over the world are committed to the development and utilization of solar energy resources. Due to the low transmittance of current solar glass, the conversion efficiency of solar cells is not high, which leads to the increase of the cost of solar power generation and restricts the pace of solar energy application. Therefore, the process layout with high quality and too good makes the amplifier extremely stable. Solar glass has become one of the most competitive products in the development and utilization of solar energy

Qingdao Jinjing Co., Ltd. is actively involved in the research and development of anti glare, high-permeability and high-strength photovoltaic glass with years of experience and proprietary technology in glass production and processing. Since 2004, it has carried out 8 furnace mathematical simulations, 10 HTO physical tests, hundreds of high-tech tests with the world's top scientific research companies, and 3 240 day production tests, realizing a new breakthrough in the technical field of photovoltaic glass. It has technically solved the key problems in the production of solar energy glass and developed production technology with independent intellectual property rights. Jinjing anti glare high-permeability and high-strength photovoltaic glass production line was completed and put into operation, breaking the monopoly of foreign products, and laying a foundation for promoting the technological progress and product upgrading of China's glass industry, as well as the development and application of solar photovoltaic power generation equipment and large-scale industrial production

the project was approved by the national development and Reform Commission in 2005 and supported by national treasury bonds. After a year of preparation, the construction was officially started in March 2007, and the trial production was completed in August of that year. In March 2008, the leading ultra white photovoltaic solar glass was offline. The product quality has reached the world advanced level, and has passed the certification of international authoritative organizations ino and SDF. The project has an annual output of 6million square meters of anti glare high-permeability and high-strength photovoltaic glass, becoming the largest solar ultra white glass production line in China. After the project is completed, the annual sales revenue will increase by 3. 300million yuan, with an annual profit and tax of 1. 400million yuan. It not only has good economic benefits, but also plays an important role in promoting energy conservation and emission reduction and the development of green environmental protection and energy conservation

Shandong University of science and technology 1. The speed regulation system adopts servo electromechanical and reducer. Professor cuihongzhi, Dean of the school of material science and engineering, believes that this technology fills the domestic gap. Solar photovoltaic glass has a wide range of applications because of its advantages of anti glare, high transmittance and high strengthening rate. It can not only be used together with solar cells, but also an ideal material for high-end architectural glass. The excellent anti glare function of photovoltaic glass effectively solves the problem of reflected light pollution that has plagued people for a long time. Because of its good light transmittance, it is more suitable for solar energy conversion and utilization devices to enter thousands of households and achieve the integration of buildings and solar energy utilization. In remote areas and special occasions such as navigation, traffic command, border defense, rural areas, solar photovoltaic glass plays an irreplaceable unique and important role

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