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Jinjing technology 11.1 million heavy cases of ultra white glass are waiting for buyers

at present, Jinjing technology has a production capacity of 7.4 million heavy cases of ultra white glass, and plans to rebuild another production line in two or three months.

maybe "thin film battery" is still a vague prospect for Jinjing technology, but if Peter Lynch believes that "the luxury of the company's office is inversely proportional to its willingness to repay shareholders", he sees Jinjing technology's office, I will definitely buy its shares - Jinjing technology has not even had an independent office building for more than ten years

Dong Baosen, the Secretary of Jinjing technology, took the weekly financial report and traveled through the four production lines. The interview was not over yet. Seeing that there was really nowhere to go, he finally took it to what was said to be the "worst Office of Chinese listed companies" - he had been embarrassed to show it before. The management works in the humble office area separated by a corner of the warehouse. The window glass in the office area is also pasted with adhesive tape, which makes it impossible to believe that this is an enterprise manufacturing the most high-end glass in China, and the financial department is located below the production workshop. They joked that they had worked under the "kiln cloth" for more than ten years

but since the beginning of the year, the number of guests in this humble office has increased day by day, and groups of institutions have come to investigate. What is warming up with the hot crowd is its share price in the A-share market, which was the lowest 4% at the end of last year. 76 yuan rose to the highest price of 13 on February 23. 63 yuan, up 186%

having been making glass in obscurity for more than ten years, there are not many followers. Why are investors suddenly so interested in this company? It turned out that the special product "ultra white glass" produced by Jinjing technology since 2005 has recently become related to the hot new energy product - "thin film battery"

familiar ultra white glass

a wide main road not far from Zibo railway station is named "Jinjing Avenue". After driving along this road for ten minutes, you can see the billboard everywhere on the roadside: "Jinjing ultra white, winning the bird's Nest Water Cube". There are rows of blue workshops along the Road, which is Jinjing technology

like many Shandong enterprises, Jinjing technology gives people the feeling of being down-to-earth, humane but slightly conservative - their personnel flow is very small, and the leaders greet each employee, saying their native place or graduation school. However, in its industry, this oldest enterprise took the lead in mastering the most high-end product technology at present - in July 2005, Jinjing technology produced a leading piece of ultra white glass in foreign countries. It was not until two years later, in November 2007 and September 2008, that CSG and yaopi glass successively grasped this technology. "We know from ultra white glass manufacturers and some downstream thin-film battery manufacturers that Jinjing technology is the best in terms of the quality of ultra white float glass for thin-film batteries." Industrial securities analysts wangjinxiang and wangxuefeng think

perhaps because there was no decent place to receive visitors, the Secretary of Jinjing technology didn't have any greetings. He took the financial weekly directly into the production line to visit. There, he found that the so-called "super white glass" is a very familiar material in our life

"ordinary glass generally appears green, while ultra white glass is more transparent and has better light transmittance, which makes it more beautiful without unknown samples, and it can better keep decorations from changing color during deep processing of designs and colors." Song, director of Jinjing technology Zibo factory, said that its appearance and hardness are very close to crystal. The "artificial crystal" in handicrafts refers to ultra white glass. 6. The oil used in the experimental machine varies according to the climate of the region

the walls of the ultra white glass workshop are covered with buildings we are familiar with - in addition to the Olympic venues, there are Beijing's tallest building, international trade phase II, the CCTV "big underpants" that just caught fire, and even the world's tallest Burj Dubai. They use this kind of "ultra white glass" for internal and external decoration

According to Director Song, in addition to architecture, the fields where ultra white glass is used in daily life also include lighting, household appliances, bathroom, decoration materials and handicrafts. It is reflected in every detail of life, such as the outer wall of the microwave oven, the glass chandelier in the hotel, the glass ball plate of the NBA basketball court, and even the ashtray and small jewelry suspected of crystal

this market has experienced geometric multiple growth in the past time. Take Jinjing technology as an example. It began to produce ultra white glass in July 2005, and its sales volume was less than 100000 heavy boxes (50 kg per box) that year. By 2007, it sold more than 1.4 million heavy boxes. "The data of 2008 has not been released yet, but it must grow rapidly." Director Song introduced

at the same time, the domestic market is expanding. "At the beginning, we mainly exported. Europe and the United States and other countries have a high acceptance of this high-end product. But recently, the domestic market has grown rapidly, and now it is almost half."

this kind of high value-added glass soon became the main source of income and profit of gold crystal glass. The 2007 annual report of Jinjing technology shows that the revenue of ultra white glass accounts for 20% of its main business revenue. 7%, and its gross profit margin is as high as 50. 13%, which is much higher than the gross profit margin of more than 20% of the other two products, making a greater contribution to profits

thin film battery technology is at the detection level, and it should be noted that it is applicable to the amorphous polymer segment

on the wall of the workshop, we can see their new goals: "facing new materials, facing the sun, facing the ocean, facing the service industry." Dong Baosen said that the first two sentences refer to thin-film battery technology

According to Director Song, thin-film battery is a new method of utilizing solar energy. Using the superior light transmittance of ultra white glass, a layer of conductive oxide film is plated on the outer surface of ultra white glass, and energy is generated by the permeability and refraction of light in the glass

"compared with polysilicon, the biggest advantage of thin-film batteries lies in their lower cost." According to Director Song, "the cost gap between glass and silicon is very large."

the ultra white glass specially used for thin-film batteries has not been priced, but according to Wang Jinxiang, the current price of ultra white glass of Jinjing technology is 40 to 50 yuan/m2, while the price of similar international products is 100 yuan/m2

but the key problem of this technology is that the photoelectric conversion rate of thin-film batteries is currently being questioned

Luo Guo, an analyst at Orient Securities, told the financial weekly: "the conversion rate in the laboratory is about 20%, but when applied to industrial production, it will certainly not be achieved. I estimate it should be about 9% At present, the photoelectric conversion rate of the most advanced German polysilicon technology reaches 20. 3%, generally about 14%

"our ultra white glass for thin-film batteries has been sold to solar word, the largest solar energy enterprise in South Korea, and several domestic solar thin-film battery enterprises, including Wuxi Suntech and Hebei Xinao, are also contacting us." Director Song said that at present, the key is whether the products sent to the EU for testing can pass the test

it is said that the key to different glasses lies in the subtle differences in the proportion of raw materials, temperature and time control, etc

this characteristic makes the glass production line not unique. It can produce ultra white glass production line and ordinary glass. "At present, we have two production lines that can produce ultra white glass, but the other one is producing ordinary glass." According to Director Song, Jinjing technology currently has a production capacity of 7.4 million heavy boxes of ultra white glass, and plans to rebuild another production line to produce ultra white glass in two to three months, with 11.1 million heavy boxes at that time

according to the sales volume of 1.4 million heavy containers in 2007, the current production capacity is very sufficient

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