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Jinjiang packaging and printing enterprises will be supported to apply for green certification

recently, it was learned that more than ten packaging and printing enterprises in Jinjiang, such as aipai, Qianjin, HuaSu, Qunhui, are preparing to apply for environmental label product certification (i.e. green certification). Up to now, 200 enterprises across the country have obtained green printing certification. Among them, Fujian has only two seats, and another five enterprises are in the process of certification

it is reported that green printing refers to a printing method that uses environmentally friendly materials and processes, produces less pollution in printing engineering, saves resources and energy, and realizes the lightweight of products. After the printed matter is discarded, it is easy to be recycled, recycled, naturally degradable, and has little impact on the ecological environment

learned that green printing certification is carried out in accordance with the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness. Under the principle of voluntariness, printing enterprises with conditions are encouraged to apply for green printing certification. The state gives support and preference to enterprises that have obtained green printing certification in terms of project development funds, industrial policies and management measures. 2011 is the pilot stage for the implementation of green printing, the deepening and expansion stage in, and the comprehensive promotion stage in. The relevant work is carried out by the General Administration of publishing and the Ministry of environmental protection to expand the production capacity of modified plastics by about 60%

Jinjiang packaging and printing enterprises are particularly enthusiastic about green certification. More than a dozen leading enterprises in the industry have played a leading role. Fangda carbon (600516) is a leading enterprise in China's graphite and carbon products, and is actively preparing to apply for certification. In early June, the association will invite experts to Jinjiang to give a lecture on green printing.) The relevant person in charge of Jinjiang packaging and Printing Association told

in May last year, the company began to prepare for certification related matters, which not only requires enterprises to do a good job in training in advance, but also requires a lot of expenses in the transformation of equipment and production processes. If there is government funds to support the transformation, the effect will be more obvious. Xu Zejie, chairman of Jinjiang Qunhui color printing, said that according to relevant regulations, only printing enterprises that have obtained green certification can print green textbooks. Insiders said that although currently only textbooks need to be certified, with the launch of green printing certification, the goal of the next stage is likely to be food packaging and printing. There are many local packaging and printing enterprises supporting the food industry, and relevant enterprises should make full preparations as soon as possible

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