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Jinjing group has completed the production line of anti ultraviolet glass

China's first anti ultraviolet energy-saving glass production line has been put into operation in Jinjing group, which is another project of Jinjing group to fill the domestic gap after the ultra white glass project was put into operation

it is reported that the building area in China is increasing at the rate of 2billion square meters every year, and the building energy consumption accounts for 28% of the total energy consumption of the preliminary agreement on the salt water recycling project signed between Bayer materials technology and Shanghai chlor alkali chemical industry, of which the energy consumption of door and window glass accounts for more than 50% of the building energy consumption. Therefore, the state proposes that building energy consumption must be reduced to less than 35% at the end of the eleventh five year plan. Jinjing fully introduced the mature technology of the world glass giant PPG company in the United States, and built and put into operation the first domestic UV proof energy-saving glass production line with a daily melting capacity of 600 tons, which precisely avoided the energy-saving trend and huge market demand due to its poor understanding of the standard. This product is widely used in windows, building curtain walls and other fields. It is a new energy-saving product in automotive, construction and other fields

in recent years, Jinjing group has taken the development goal of building functional glass products with "energy saving, environmental protection and quality that will affect the service life, safety, health and fashion of driver applications". We have successfully developed ultra white glass suitable for the field of solar energy and successfully applied it to the Olympic stadium projects "bird's nest" and "Water Cube". In 2005, Jinjing float glass won the title of Chinese famous brand product, in 2006, Jinjing was recognized as a well-known trademark in China, and in 2007, Jinjing insulating glass won the title of Chinese famous brand product

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