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Shanghai mid-term: Shanghai Jiao fell across the board, and the end of the day recovered to break the limit. The main force of Shanghai Jiao made a large-scale correction on Thursday, and now the limit fell at the beginning of the day. Most of the day was closed at the limit 26020, but the long-term rise in the end of the day opened the limit, and the futures price recovered rapidly, and finally fell by 495 points to close. The auto parts testing machine has flexible and diverse control methods at 23420. Contract 809 made a sharp pullback as the market's special measuring tools calibrated the amplitude of the market's bearish attitude towards the closed position market, and fell 1015 points to close at 26020 in the late trading

the daily trading volume of Shanghai Jiaotong decreased slightly and was also in the callback channel, but the decline was relatively slow compared with that of Shanghai Jiaotong. The weakening of the yen has brought some support to the Japanese glue, or limited the decline of the Japanese glue. However, the weakness of crude oil still puts pressure on the futures price

with the launch of the price correction, the transaction enthusiasm in the spot market is obviously weak. The market buyers are mostly on the sidelines waiting for the glue price to fall before buying frequently. However, the spot traders rely on the low domestic inventory to hold the high glue price, which makes the transaction situation of the spot even worse. In the recent two days, there was no transaction of standard rubber in China rubber market, while 195 tons of concentrated latex were traded today, with an average transaction price of 17072 yuan/ton

as a variety with high correlation with crude oil, we believe that Shanghai rubber has entered a correction. In the medium and long term, the inhibition of high rubber prices on demand will gradually appear in the third quarter. The main contract trend is short

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