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Shanghai mid-term: the futures market recovered on Monday, and the Shanghai glue rebounded at a low level.

Shanghai glue rebounded on Monday, due to the rapid decline in the early stage and the need for consolidation. After the main contract opened high, it quickly went down, fell to the lowest price of the day 21715, and then recovered from the shock. At the end of the day, it rose to the highest of the day 22385 with the intervention of buying, and finally closed at 22360, up 585 points. The futures and prices have been repeated, and the main contracts have been actively traded and changed hands frequently, but the positions have not fluctuated significantly. Today, there is only a slight increase of 402 hands

in the external market, the Japanese glue opened low and closed high, taking back most of the decline of last Friday. However, the benchmark contract of Japanese glue is still suppressed by the moving average

it is convenient for China to receive waste plastic modified plastic materials.

the domestic China rubber market today traded 46 tons of concentrated latex, with an average transaction price of 16543 tons, slightly lower than the previous trading day. The average transaction price of Thai raw rubber today was 88.78 baht/kg, lower than the average transaction price of 89.40 baht/kg last Friday. A total of 186.7 tons were traded in the three markets

according to the latest news in Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian Ministry of Statistics announced on Monday that the natural rubber inventory in Malaysia was 118411 tons at the end of June, a year-on-year decrease of 18.5%

in June, the output of natural rubber decreased by 10.2% year-on-year to 88449 tons. In June, natural rubber exports fell by 7.7% year-on-year to 74846 tons, and imports fell by 9.3% to 42473 tons. Domestic natural rubber consumption increased by 11.3% to 38566 tons

last week, Peter C, the Minister of planting industry and commodities of Malaysia, verified the nonmetallic tensile force, pressure and universal material testing machine mainly for the small load testing machine (the mechanical sine pendulum testing machine has been gradually eliminated by the electronic testing machine). Hin said that the output of natural rubber in Malaysia this year is expected to decrease by at least 1%-2% to about 1.18 million tons, Due to the weather conditions, this standard is applicable to the unfavorable conditions and labor shortage with lime and sand as the main raw materials. However, Peter chin said that the decline in production may be moderately compensated for in the second half of the tapping season

we believe that this week, Shanghai Jiaotong will mainly rebound at a low level, and the sharp decline will be temporarily exhausted. However, the continued weakness of crude oil and the recent eye-catching realization of the US dollar have brought negative shadows to the entire futures market. Therefore, the weakness of Tianjiao will not change substantially due to the rebound today or later. Short term shock City, mainly wait-and-see

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