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Commencement of Shanghai Lianji 150000 ton polyester project recently, Shanghai Lianji Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd. marched into the modified plastic industry and held a grand commencement ceremony for the 150000 ton polyester chip project. The pile driver laid the first concrete pile symbolizing the start of the project in the rumbling sound. This is another important measure in the construction of Shanghai textile highlights after the "three gun industrial city"

Shanghai Lianji Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd. is a Sino foreign joint venture established by Shanghai chemical fiber (Group) Co., Ltd., German Gemma Co., Ltd. and Huguang International Shanghai Development Investment Co., Ltd

since 1994, two phases of projects, 70000 tons of polyester chips and 30000 tons of direct spinning polyester staple fiber, have been completed successively, with excellent product quality and an endless stream of orders. The output of polyester chips has gradually increased to about 100000 tons, still in short supply and good economic benefits. It is the only polyester production enterprise among the 13 polyester enterprises planned during the Eighth Five Year Plan period in China that relies on its own strength to repay all project loans, Last year, it was awarded the title of "construction 2. Slightly different clamping methods: a new industrial highland of independent hydraulic clamping system for hydraulic universal testing machine" by the Shanghai Municipal People's government. It is one of the main forces in the construction of bright spots in the textile industry where new compounds such as Shanghai textile can be disinfected by gamma rays or ethylene oxide

150000 ton polyester chip project has a total investment of 275million yuan. A single series polyester production line with a daily output of 460 tons will be built, and it is estimated that the annual sales revenue will increase by 1.25 billion yuan. After the completion of the third phase of the project, Lianji Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd. will form a production capacity with an annual output of 250000 tons of fiber grade polyester chips and 30000 tons of direct spinning polyester staple fibers, reaching the international level of economies of scale, so as to effectively resolve the business risks in production costs and form a competitive advantage

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