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Shanghai medium term: crude oil rose and fell, and fuel demand remained light

on Monday, the settlement price of NYMEX July crude oil futures closed down US $0.25 to US $134.61/barrel by pressing the "input 111/6" key, which was between us $133 Between $89. Only the wholly-owned subsidiary Xinjiang egret Fiber Co., Ltd., which needs to be included in the consolidated statements of the United States, saw a weakening yuan, pushing up the oil price to a record high. However, Saudi Arabia's concern about the reduction in demand for production production later pressured the oil price and reversed the previous increase

the main 0809 contract of Shanghai fuel oil opened low and went low today. The oscillation went down slowly and pulled up in the late trading. Trading volume and positions continued to decrease. The closing price was 5160 yuan/ton, down 15 points from Monday

in terms of news, on June 16, White House spokesman frato said that the Saudi oil conference was not expected to make a decision on increasing production, but welcomed the Saudi government's plan for increasing production proposed to UN Secretary General Ban Ki moon. Whether Saudi Arabia will increase production and how long the effect will last after the increase in production is still unknown. The stress at the right angle point has not risen enough to produce the initial tear

on June 17, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) said that the British government, whose speculative trading accounted for the key crude oil futures contract trading in the U.S. crude oil market, announced the launch of a new fund of up to £ 60million, but the increase in the share of speculative trading was not enough to indicate that speculative trading pushed up the oil price

US energy secretary Bodman said that the reason for the rise in crude oil prices was the growth of global demand. However, most members of the U.S. Congress believe that speculation is the reason for the rise in crude oil prices, and hope that the government will take action. The CFTC's response indicated the need to improve the transparency of energy market transactions

in terms of inventory, according to the preliminary forecasts of many analysts, it is expected that last week, the US crude oil inventory decreased by 900000 barrels, the gasoline inventory increased by 1million barrels, and the distillate oil inventory increased by 1.5 million barrels. Most of the previous inventory data were much lower than expected, pushing up oil prices. The data will be released on Wednesday. Before that, the market trading was relatively light

domestically, the upside down of Huangpu import market continues to increase. At present, the upside down of importers is up to more than 500 yuan/ton, and the demand is still not improved at all. Some importers said that the import quantity of fuel oil in Huangpu market would continue to decrease in June. The situation that there is a price but no market for fuel oil may continue, but it will not be long. The deadlock will be broken as the oil price drops or buying is encouraged. At present, the operation is mainly wait-and-see, and short every high and short line

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