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The strong return of Shanghai Meite curtain wall to "China" indicates that the industry is full of opportunities

recently, Shanghai Meite curtain wall Co., Ltd. (one of the veteran enterprises in China's building curtain wall industry) released particularly important news. It is reported that yuziyang, the chairman, shareholder and representative of investment management company of Meite company, announced that it had reached an agreement with Japan Lizhu group to acquire 100% equity of the investor of Meite company held by Japan through its Singapore company, which was independently controlled, so as to realize equity control over Shanghai Meite curtain Wall Co., Ltd

yuziyang is the chairman and general manager of the new board of directors. In the spirit of reform and opening up, Metco will strive to innovate corporate culture, management system and professional technology, rebuild Metco's values and actively realize transformation and progress. It is believed that under the guidance of the development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing", Shanghai Meite curtain wall Co., Ltd. will take steps from a new starting point, be pragmatic and realistic, strive for the upper reaches, and make new contributions to the construction of curtain walls

[event review] in 2011, Lizhu acquired Shanghai Meite and P titanium dioxide, a global large professional curtain wall supplier. The market reference price rose by one way from 15950 yuan per ton at the beginning of the year. p。 A

Lizhu group is the most powerful joint-stock building materials enterprise in Japan. It is a consortium of companies engaged in building materials related businesses. At the beginning of its establishment, Lishu group was mainly composed of three major building materials companies in Japan, namely tostem established in 1923, Inax established in 1924 and Toex established in 1974

in January, 2011, Japan Lizhu Co., Ltd. indirectly acquired Shanghai Meite curtain wall Co., Ltd. (one of the top 50 curtain wall enterprises in China at that time) through capital integration, and began to develop its business in China with Shanghai as the center

in december2011, lizhuzai hoped to be helpful to you for the second time, with about 5. The price of € 7.5 billion is from CIMA holdings s, which is indirectly controlled by European privatecompanies (investindustral and alpha). A。 It has acquired permasteelisas, a large professional curtain wall supplier in the world. p。 A and set up the company as a subsidiary

after the completion of the above two major mergers and acquisitions, Lizhu has set a target of reaching 300billion yuan in sales in 2015 for all construction related businesses of Lizhu Co., Ltd., including curtain walls

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