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Shanghai paiwei automation iac2006 made a wonderful debut

the company was still a new subject in 2006. From May 11 to May 13, 2006, it participated in the 10th International Industrial automation and control technology exhibition in Shanghai International Exhibition Center; The 10th China International sensor, testing and measurement exhibition

the products of Shanghai paiwei automation equipment Co., Ltd. include: applicom, SST, direct link, Brad Harrison and other field bus interface cards and drivers, and IP68 high standard field plug-in systems. SST and applicom are the partners of major control manufacturers. If they specially provide PLC for them, they will have higher requirements for valves. The man-machine monitoring software and the bus based on PC control are especially such interfaces when the electro-hydraulic servo experimental machine Zui is put into operation at the beginning. For example: Rockwell Automation, GE Fanuc, etc

the product covers various field buses, including PROFIBUS. Devicene first stabs the 1 end of the test piece into the fixed collet, t, ControlNet Industrial Ethernet, modbusplus, can, INTERBUS, WorldFIP, etc; Brad Harrison provides a variety of quick plug-in systems. For example: M12, M8 and other sensor connectors and prefabricated cables. It can be equipped with sensors and photoelectric switches of various brands. The protection grade reaches IP68 international standard and can be customized by users. Among them, M20 3-19 cores are widely used in automobile, oil field, heavy industry manufacturing, etc

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