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Shanghai mid-term: the enthusiasm for the transaction of Shanghai glue sideways consolidation cooled down

on Thursday, Shanghai glue rose and fell, and continued sideways consolidation. After the main contract 809 opened at 26900, it quickly rose and fell back. In the afternoon, it remained in a narrow range and the disk did not improve. The highest price in the day was 27045, and the lowest price was 26680. At the end of the day, the market fell slightly by 25 points to close at 26770. The positions of the responsible comrades of the relevant departments and bureaus of the member units of the leading group were reduced by 410 hands. Due to the unclear basic guidance, the transaction enthusiasm was constrained by the recent consolidation market. Today, the volume was significantly reduced by more than 200000 hands to 305908 hands

in the external market, the Japanese rubber index continued to run below the 30 day moving average after falling below the 30 day moving average yesterday. The benchmark December contract fell by 15:30 Beijing time.. Japanese yen.. The yen and its moving average are currently in a short position. The recent weakness of crude oil has put pressure on Japan rubber and the transaction is stagnant

with the sharp decline of crude oil this week and the gradual elimination of the benefits of fundamentals, the operation of plastic granulator has touched on the people to help them further understand the consumption in a wide range of areas of equipment economy. Shanghai Jiaotong Rubber Co., Ltd. has consolidated for many days and its rise has been blocked. The domestic spot price is still strong, and the transaction price of domestic standard rubber is as high as 27400 yuan/ton again, but the transaction is very light, only a small amount of 60 tons; The transaction volume of concentrated latex was 318 tons, with an average transaction price of 17269 yuan/ton, down 1.47% from yesterday. The Thai raw material market is 102.2 baht/kg today, down slightly from yesterday

according to the preliminary data released by the General Administration of Customs on Thursday, China imported 110000 tons of natural rubber in June. Data show that China's monthly natural rubber imports increased by 16.4% year-on-year to 830000 tons. Recently, the weather in the rubber producing area has improved, and the supply of new rubber will increase, putting pressure on the natural rubber market. However, as many parties continue to control the market and the fundamentals have not been substantially improved, and the high cost of synthetic rubber is difficult to fall back quickly, which supports the consumption of natural rubber to a certain extent. We believe that Shanghai rubber will slowly reduce the price focus in the short term in the shock consolidation

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