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Shanghai Maixin successfully built a 400 call center platform for Yuantong express. According to the ctiforum on August 10 (Yang Yi), the establishment of a 400 call center by Yuantong Express headquarters will take a new step in business, service quality and corporate image. Shanghai Maixin call center undertook the call center project

as a company engaged in express business for many years, Yuantong Express has 8 management areas, 5 transfer centers, 5 distribution points and 60000 employees, covering more than 1000 cities in China. In addition, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan have been opened, and the existing plastic bags for different standards have gradually withdrawn from the special line service in the Middle East and Southeast Asia in the domestic market. And registered cats alliance Express (CAE) in Hong Kong to carry out international express business. It has also been rated as one of the top ten influential brands in China's express industry, Shanghai famous brand enterprise, Shanghai Youth Civilization (Communist Youth League), national youth civilization, and won the express logistics award of the first e-commerce Express Logistics Conference, the bronze award of the best express company in the Sixth China freight industry award, and the organization award of Shanghai Express service standard knowledge competition; It was selected into the list of top 50 high growth chain enterprises in China in 2008, top 100 private enterprises in Shanghai in 2009 and top 50 private enterprises in Qingpu District in 2007 and 2009

in order to further improve the service and image of the company, the leadership of Yuantong decided to build its own call center. After several months of comparison and demonstration, Yuantong finally chose Shanghai Maixin as its partner to build a 400 call center platform. According to many sources, the reason why Yuantong company finally chose Shanghai Maixin is that Shanghai Maixin's solution adopts advanced toowellcc integrated multimedia switch, and it can successfully connect with its core business system King Kong system, which has realized Yuantong company's improvement of work efficiency. This kick-off meeting also shows that each group consists of 6 to 7 people and the requirements for improving customer service satisfaction

the King Kong system of this project is developed and designed by IBM. Shanghai Maixin's call center platform can also be connected with UFIDA, Kingdee and other software systems

as a call center R & D and integrated high-tech enterprise, Shanghai Maixin not only owns the integrated multimedia switch toowellcc with independent intellectual property rights, the industry-leading platform software, but also has mature call center solutions. It can build a professional call center for finance, financial management, marketing, government and other industries. Shanghai Maixin also has large enterprises such as China Unicom, people, Kaixin used car sales, Jiangzhong group, haoze, etc

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