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Shanghai needs to use 1.8 billion plastic bags a year

today is world environment day. Walking on the streets of Shanghai, I found many "redundant" plastic bags, such as umbrella covers distributed by shopping malls, plastic envelopes outsourced by newspapers and magazines, and plastic bags inside and outside food...

according to conservative estimates, Shanghai needs to use 1.8 billion plastic bags a year. Do you really need so many plastic bags in your life? Environmental protection experts suggest that if plastic bags can be used less or even not, it will be of great benefit to environmental protection

■ pedestrian street: 50000 umbrella sets were lost in a rain

. Outside each shopping mall, staff will put disposable umbrella covers on customers' umbrellas in time. "1000 umbrella covers have to be handed out every hour." Land Plaza staff told. The staff of the Oriental commercial building said that an average of 2000 umbrella covers were distributed every hour. Based on the calculation that about 10 large commercial buildings in Nanjing Road Walkway distribute 1000 umbrella sets per hour, the whole pedestrian street must distribute at least 50000 umbrella sets after five hours of rain

after the heavy rain, I found that the garbage cans on the pedestrian street were full of umbrella covers. "I walked along Nanjing Road and took about sevenoreight umbrella covers." Miss Wang said, "it's a waste."

■ book and newspaper kiosks: 42400 newspaper envelopes were thrown away in a day

yesterday afternoon, in the garbage cans of several platforms along the subway, it was found that there were full of large and small newspaper envelopes. The owner of a book and newspaper kiosk at a major subway transit station told him, "these plastic envelopes are basically the promising ones in the field of car tracks. They were immediately removed and thrown away."

at an oriental book and newspaper kiosk on Yishan Road, I learned that this book and newspaper kiosk whose sales were reduced due to the road construction could also sell about 10 magazines packed in plastic bags every day, and dozens of packaged newspapers could be sold. "This kind of newspapers and magazines with envelopes looks high-end and easy to sell."

after removing a small number of newspaper plastic bags that can be reused, it is calculated that at least 20 waste plastic bags will be produced in each book and newspaper booth every day. Based on the 2120 Oriental book and newspaper kiosks in the city, 42400 plastic bags will be produced every day

■ a food store: 3600 plastic bags are used for beef jerky every month

we can also see in the food store on the Nanjing Road Walkway that food with exquisite packaging can be found everywhere

take a certain brand of beef jerky as an example. A plastic bag is wrapped inside, and each beef jerky inside also has its own "coat". When it is sold, the salesperson will hand over a plastic bag

the salesperson told us that about 40 bags of this beef jerky could be sold every day. Based on the sales volume of a shopping mall, 3600 plastic bags of this beef jerky alone would be consumed in a month

experts suggest that plastic bags should not be used one day a week. Shenyonglin, a senior engineer of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, told us that countless plastic bags would be consumed in Shanghai every day. In the past, there was a conservative estimate that the 18million people in Shanghai would use 1.8 billion plastic bags a year, based on 100 plastic bags per person per year. "Looking at the trend that plastic bags are more and more widely used in response to slight chemical changes on the surface of PCU, I am afraid it is far more than 1.8 billion."

however, shenyonglin supports the view of plastic bags in two. "The distribution of plastic bags by shopping malls in rainy days can prevent accidents caused by wet and slippery ground. The outer packaging of food can ensure its hygienic quality. It is more reasonable to use plastic bags appropriately." To this end, shenyonglin suggested that customers get an umbrella cover for sustainable use in rainy days and do not have to constantly replace it. "In addition, the umbrella cover attached to the umbrella can also be taken with you. Although there is more trouble in drying the umbrella cover, it can effectively reduce white pollution." As for the plastic bags for newspapers and magazines, shenyonglin said that it might be better to put on the reusable plastic bags. "We also suggest that food packaging should be treated differently. Many countries have adopted two kinds of packaging: the packaging version given to people and the simplified version that will produce a high proportion of plastic deformation for their own use, so as to reduce pollution."

shenyonglin proposed that people should not use plastic bags one day a week to gradually cultivate public awareness of environmental protection. "If the public finds that they can live a good life without plastic bags one day, over time, they can form an idea that they will eventually use less or no plastic bags, so as to truly achieve the goal of reducing white pollution." □

information source: Evening News

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