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The general secretary of safety work study of Shanghai North glass, which was rated as "Shanghai safe unit"

enterprise, pointed out that work is not only the premise of normal production, but also the lifeblood of enterprise survival. The active implementation of this work has a bearing on the vital interests of every employee of Shanghai North glass and the safety of production and life

in order to obtain the safe unit in Shanghai, three "don't happen" should be maintained, including: no unstable events such as collective visits and noisy visits caused by the unit's poor stability maintenance work or improper internal regulations; There are no cases endangering national security, terrorist crimes, and major or influential criminal and public security cases; There will be no sabotage events, serious accidents, major safety production, traffic, fire and other accidents that affect political, economic and public security stability, as well as major public security accidents

Shanghai North Glass Co., Ltd. was jointly awarded the honorary title of "safe unit in Songjiang District of Shanghai in 2008" by Songjiang branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau and the office of Songjiang District Social Security Comprehensive Management Committee, which can be used to mix various rubber/plastic blends with the conditions of less alarms, less safety accidents and high quality of employees

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