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Most people think that when purchasing the top ten brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows, it is enough to pay attention to the quality of significant parts of doors and windows, such as aluminum, glass, accessories, etc., but they don't understand some professional function requirements of doors and windows at all. They pay more attention to commodity quality, cost performance and other elements. In the initial spending ideology, they thought that the top ten brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows, high-quality doors and windows are equal to high-function doors and windows

high quality doors and windows = high quality profiles + glass + plastic strips of accessories + processing skills + device skills +...

therefore: high quality doors and windows ≠ high-function doors and windows

now with the continuous progress of quality, we have a clear request for the quality and function of residence. The energy-saving function, safety function, sound insulation and noise reduction, sun protection, comfort and durability of building doors and windows are paid more and more attention, In the purchase and construction of doors and windows, in addition to paying attention to the quality of significant parts of doors and windows, such as aluminum, glass, accessories, etc., relatively more attention is paid to the completion of the inductive function after the combination of these door and window components

the real system doors and windows are the perfect organic combination of a functional system. We need to think about a series of main functions such as water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, mechanical strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, theft prevention, sun shading, weather resistance, and operating feel. We also need to think about the summarized results of the functions of equipment, shapes, accessories, glass, viscose, and seals. All of them are indispensable, and finally form a high-function system doors and windows

in today's building materials shopping malls, the use of high-grade bridge cutoff profile aluminum alloy doors and windows has gradually become the preferred commodity for many high-grade construction windows. But experts pointed out that at that time, the quality of aluminum alloy doors and windows in shopping malls was uneven, so we must be careful when choosing. Defective aluminum alloy doors and windows, blindly select aluminum profile series and specifications, cut corners in processing, cut with saws instead of milling, do not carry out the device according to the requirements, the sealing function is poor, the switch is not spontaneous, not only air and rain leaks and presents the scene of glass bursting, but also in the face of strong winds and external forces, simply push and pull some or glass scraping or bumping, damaging objects and hurting people. The aluminum profile, thickness, strength and oxide film used for excellent aluminum alloy doors and windows should conform to the relevant national specifications and rules. The wall thickness should be more than 1.2mm, the tensile strength should reach 157 Newtons per square millimeter, the yield strength should reach 108 Newtons per square millimeter, and the oxide film thickness should reach 10 microns. If the above specifications are not met, it is defective aluminum alloy doors and windows, which cannot be used

why does China need to introduce European high-function system doors and windows

since the modern door and window industry started in the early 1980s, it has experienced the baptism and evolution of shopping malls for nearly 30 years. General doors and windows with poor functions have always occupied the dominant position in Chinese shopping malls. The upgrading of Chinese door and window skills is relatively slow. The construction of doors and windows has become a major energy consumer in China's construction, and it will also be a major energy saver in the future

as early as the 1980s, Europe developed high-function system doors and windows, whose energy-saving function, safety function, comfort and so on far exceed ordinary doors and windows

the European door and window specification in 2003 requires that the K value should not be greater than 1.4, and the high-function system doors and windows are becoming more and more popular. Now the application volume of shopping malls has reached 70% of the total number of doors and windows, while the average K value of Chinese doors and windows is about 3.5 (thermal insulation), and the highest specification in China today - the Beijing door and window specification is k value 2.8, which is only the European door and window K value specification in 1984. According to the accounting, according to the construction area of China's existing cities and towns of about 43billion square meters, if the K value of the current European specification for doors and windows is implemented, 430million tons of standard coal can be saved every year, which is about 20% of China's annual coal output value, and the quantity is appropriately amazing

European system doors and windows entered Chinese shopping malls in the late 1990s. Now the K value specification of European high-function system doors and windows can reach 0.8, and its energy consumption is basically only 1/4 of the energy consumption of building doors and windows in China

"low carbon" is the theme of the world climate conference in Copenhagen at the end of 2009. At the conference, countries introduced their own energy conservation and emission reduction policies. China promised to reduce carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP by 40%-45% by 2020 compared with 2005, and included it in the medium and long-term plan for national economic and social development as a binding policy. This means that China must adopt practical energy-saving measures in all economic fields of society in order to achieve the predetermined policy. Today, construction energy consumption has accounted for 40% of the total energy consumption of China's whole society; The energy consumption of doors and windows accounts for 45% - 50% of the construction energy consumption and 15% - 20% of the total social energy consumption. It can be seen that doors and windows are the main reason for the loss of energy in construction, and the upgrading of energy-saving doors and windows will be the general trend

therefore, we must improve the heat insulation effect of doors and windows in all aspects and guide us to use excellent energy-saving doors and windows. In China, the skills of doors and windows have not reached a high level. European high-function system doors and windows have become the first choice of energy-saving doors and windows in China

what is the intention of energy saving of doors and windows

1. Build a healthy and comfortable environment to protect the health of residents

2. Protect the building structure and decorative structure from the damage of condensate or rainwater naturally present in the air

3. Reduce the energy consumption of heating and air conditioning

4. Reduce protection and operation costs

Is the system door and window really expensive

1. As the system doors and windows are more and more recognized by shopping malls, the gradual expansion of shopping malls makes their inductive cost lower and lower. Now the quotation of better system doors and windows in shopping malls is about 1000 yuan/m2, which is only about 200 yuan/m2 higher than that of high-quality general doors and windows. The real estate quotation in first tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai is now 20000-40000 yuan/m2, and that in second tier cities is 8000-15000 yuan, Even if the new building replaces the general doors and windows with high-function system doors and windows, it only needs to add 100 ~ 300 yuan per square meter. Although the system doors and windows are slightly more expensive than the general doors and windows, the cost allocated to the house price per square meter is still very limited. In order to quickly sell residential goods, many real estate developers can fully accept this premium

2. With the combination of real estate market regulation policies, the state will gradually rectify real estate shopping malls to a certain extent, curb house prices, and launch a large number of affordable housing, cheap housing, and limited price housing to stabilize shopping malls. When the housing supply is not in short supply, the house price will come down, and the house is unsalable. Real estate developers need to seek selling points in terms of the quality and function of the residence. Whoever can please consumers more will sell the residence goods

3. Building doors and windows, as a major component of building all functions, will also benefit from this. Real estate developers will pay more and more attention to improving the functions of doors and windows. Using high-function systems, doors and windows will also become one of the main selling points of real estate developers in promoting residential goods




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