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In the good season of March, Weiye aluminum launched its first research institute in 2015 at the group headquarters. At the meeting, teacher Hou Dingwen, a national senior enterprise trainer, carried out professional training courses, and every student benefited a lot

from March 17 to 21, the company carried out the first research institute in 2015 in Guangdong factory, the headquarters of the group, in order to carry forward the core competitiveness of "quality, technology and talents". Industry experts from all over the country, distribution customers and terminal sales elites gathered together to jointly open the Spring Research Institute

marketing wins, performance is king

the company invited the famous national senior enterprise trainer Hou Dingwen to carry out a professional training course with the theme of "how to become a gold medal marketer", aiming to improve personal quality and expand more professional knowledge, so as to improve their own ability and promote sales growth. Mr. Hou's explanation in simple terms and wonderful and interesting interactive games have pushed the course atmosphere to a climax again and again, which has benefited every student a lot, and has a deeper understanding of the company's brand concept and successful marketing model

time waits for me to be innovative

during the activity, the 21st Annual Meeting of aluminum doors, windows and curtain walls was held. The company led all guests to Weiye booth and witnessed that Weiye brand aluminum ・ 82gzy heat insulation and sunshade casement windows became the star products of the Expo. Customer friends spoke highly of the company's innovative products and were full of expectations for the broad market of the star products. They went to the factory to confirm orders and directly hit the terminal market

broaden channels and create win-win situation

on the 19th day, the company invited customers to visit the group's high-profile Dali chief urban commercial and residential complex project - "Weiye Huayu Haoting", and experienced the group's new real estate marketing model. Customer friends expressed congratulations and joy to the company's growing development

"fearless test, outstanding performance" has always been the belief of great cause people. The company's 23 year development process has achieved brilliant performance today, and in the future, the rapid development trend will bring you more surprises





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