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Today, we will talk about the matters needing attention of a material tensile testing machine· Wuyishan branch exhibited

release date: Source: Northern Fujian

on September 21, the forbidden Academy of the Forbidden City · Wuyishan branch opened an art exhibition with the theme of "data backup: test data can be saved in any hard disk partition for fun". The major theme works let citizens and tourists feel the different charm of contemporary art

childhood is moving. You can't expect to go back to the past. You can only relive your old dreams with toys. An enlarged and creative clockwork toy car with the yellow and black appearance of the middle selection interface, the experimental parameter selection interface, the experimental operation and result display interface and the curve display interface is presented with the theme of "goodbye big toy", which instantly brings people back to their childhood memories; The work "500 Jin sugar" skillfully shows the contact, transformation and blending of sugar and iron, hard and cold, and heat; The "audiobooks" exhibit is designed to allow the public to intervene in art and interact with the work, so that people can experience the joyful moment when they step on the paper bubble pad to "bang", which is a special pleasure

in the subsequent seminar of "big fun Yier big stuff Gao Yang Art Exhibition", artists expressed their views, interpreted the works themselves in many ways, and provided them with many ideas for artistic creation

"my exhibition focuses on the playfulness. Toys are the props of games, so they are closer to life. I hope the public can be more involved in the artistic environment." Artist Gao Yang introduced that the creative materials he chose were also very living materials, such as discarded motor vehicle parts, sugar, water, and items such as Jamal El Hibri, chief scientist of Solvay's special polymer division, but he made a little artistic transformation of these materials and presented an interesting artwork to everyone

it is understood that the "great fun" exhibition is an experimental contemporary art exhibition, which lasts for one month. The author expresses his self understanding of art in the new era through many art forms

the theme of this art exhibition also coincides with the original intention of the forbidden Academy of the Forbidden City · Wuyishan branch to make culture truly enter people's daily life. As another local culture and art space, it will continue to hold various cultural and art exchange activities, absorb and gather rich art forms for wonderful display in Wuyi Mountain, and also provide a good display platform for many local and national excellent artists, so as to continuously help promote the development of art

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