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Fuyao Group won the "global excellent supplier" award of General Motors

General Motors Group held the 21st Annual Award Ceremony of the world's best auto parts supplier in Detroit, Michigan. Ms. Cao Fang, vice president of Fuyao Group, Mr. Chen Jicheng, and Mr. Feng Yan, general manager of Fuyao OEM North America company were invited to attend the meeting, which greatly reduced greenhouse gas emissions and kept the water in the water tank at the required temperature, And received the GM 2012 Best Supplier Award (GM supplier of the Y preferred manufacturer for new and old customers Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. ear Award for 2012) from Mr. randypappal, the executive director of general procurement. Ms. gracelieblein, vice president of global procurement of general motors, said at the award ceremony: we are very happy to meet those suppliers that we consider to be world-class, who play a key role in our business. The innovation, high-quality products and services, and outstanding value created by each award-winning company have exceeded our expectations

GM Group has comprehensively analyzed the factors of its procurement, engineering design, manufacturing, quality and logistics management among about 20000 suppliers around the world, and finally selected 83 suppliers as the best suppliers in 2012, of which only 3 are excellent suppliers from China. This is the fourth time that Fuyao has won the honor of global excellent supplier of General Motors in recent five years

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