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Fuyao Glass: it ranks second in the world and earns nearly 10 billion yuan a year from abroad. As we all know, China's automobile industry has made great progress in recent years, and more and more independent automobile brands have taken advantage of the trend to rise. However, it can not be ignored that the proportion of plastic granulation performance consumption in China's total industrial energy consumption is almost 1.5 higher than that in the UK. Today, the foundation of China's independent automobile brands is still not as good as the well-known international automobile brands, and there is still a long way to go in product research and development

however, although at present, China's independent auto brands can not fully catch up with the international famous auto brands in building the national aviation material production base and the national military civilian integration innovation demonstration zone, there are still excellent suppliers in the supply of auto parts, ranging from international famous cars such as Rolls Royce and Bentley to domestic cars such as Chery, Chang'an and FAW

the practice in some regions of Zhejiang Province shows that when the automobile production and sales volume showed negative growth in 2018, it still achieved the growth against the trend with its strong strength. According to the new financial report released in 2018, it achieved a revenue of 20.225 billion yuan, including 8.312 billion yuan in foreign markets, an increase of 25.59% year-on-year. U=, fm=26 gp=g

this enterprise is Fuyao Glass, which has developed from a low threshold glass industry to China's first and second largest automotive supplier in the world. In the global glass industry, Fuyao Glass is a benchmark of China's manufacturing industry. Caodewang, the founder behind it, is a well-known enterprise star and a Chinese philanthropist praised by everyone

born in a poor family in Fuqing, caodewang began to wander into society at the age of 14. He worked as a peddler and a bicycle repairman. At the age of 30, he entered a local glass factory and became a purchaser, ending the unstable days. This period lasted for eight years until the glass factory could not continue because of annual losses

automotive glass

at this time, after eight years of experience, Cao Dewang was more confident in business management. In 1983, he took over this glass factory and started his own business. With a keen business vision, Cao Dewang turned the main business of the glass factory to the production of automotive glass. In order to narrow the gap with foreign advanced technology and promote the development of glass factories, he did not hesitate to tighten his belt and bought back advanced production equipment from Finland

after countless failures, caodewang finally led the team to develop qualified automotive glass. In 1987, Fuyao Glass Co., Ltd. was officially established, and the direct result was to change the situation that China's automotive glass was completely dependent on imports. Through unremitting efforts, the annual revenue of Fuyao Glass reached 169million yuan in 1993, and was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange

with the support of capital, Fuyao Glass has also entered the fast lane of development. While entering the overseas market, the company established an automobile glass Co., Ltd. jointly with the internationally renowned glass giant Saint Gobain of France. Later, it successfully repurchased its shares and became a wholly-owned enterprise. During this period, the development speed of Fuyao Glass also made the foreign market feel a great threat, and even there were many anti-dumping cases

as a result, Fuyao Glass won the victory with its advantages, and its reputation became even louder after these battles. Now, after more than 30 years of development, Fuyao Glass has not only achieved great success in China, but also established production bases and business institutions in the United States, Russia, Japan and other regions. We have successfully laid out overseas markets and become a truly large multinational enterprise group, with a share of more than 20% in the global glass market

the business of Fuyao Glass has also expanded from a single automotive glass to float glass and other parts, in which automotive glass contributes to the main operating revenue. As the boss of Fuyao Glass, Cao Dewang's wealth has also reached more than 10 billion with Fuyao Glass. At the same time, the amount of his charitable donations is also amazing, and he has been rated as the first good in China

but caodewang himself once said that entrepreneurship is equal to doing things, and doing charity is equal to learning to be a man. Perhaps it is under the guidance of this spirit that Fuyao Glass has gone further and further under the leadership of Cao Dewang and become an irreplaceable oligarch in the global glass industry

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