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GAC ordered 430 KUKA industrial robots for large-scale production of electric vehicles

GAC ordered 43 this structure is repairable 0 KUKA industrial robots for large-scale production of electric vehicles

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original title: GAC ordered 430 KUKA industrial robots for large-scale production of electric vehicles

Gaishi Automobile News, according to foreign media reports, KUKA, a German industrial robot manufacturer, recently received a large order from Guangzhou GAC group in China. GAC plans to modernize the production of electric vehicles in its Guangzhou plant. Therefore, it purchased 430 industrial robots from kukading, taking into account the graphene research of European countries as a whole, for large-scale production of electric vehicles

according to KUKA, the order is worth tens of millions of euros, and Tesla is also one of its customers. However, Chinese orders are a major development for KUKA. Dr. til Reuter, CEO of KUKA, said, "we are consolidating our position in the fast-growing Asian market and benefiting from the huge trend of automation."

in order to realize the automation of the production line, GAC chose Kr Quantec series and Kr Fortec series industrial robots. Such robots will be used to participate in and handle the production of body in white. The order also includes a cloud based KUKA connect platform that allows customers to easily access robot data

the order was placed in the second quarter of 2018, and the delivery date has not been disclosed. However, GAC has been preparing to enter the new energy vehicle market. It is reported that its joint venture partner Toyota will also sell GAC ix4 models. In addition, GAC is planning to launch four pure electric models by 2020

in order to ensure battery supply, GAC has also recently cooperated with catl to establish two joint ventures in Guangzhou to produce and sell batteries for pure electric vehicles (Bev) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV). The first joint venture is called Amperex GAC power battery. 2. As a whole, "Benz" will adopt PC car lampshade with a registered capital of 1billion yuan (about 127million euros), focusing on battery production, research and development, as well as providing relevant after-sales and technical consulting services. Another joint venture is GAC Amperex power battery system Co., Ltd. (GAC Amperex power battery system), with a registered capital of 100million yuan (about 13million euros), which only focuses on battery research and development and sales. GAC and Ningde times hold 51% and 49% shares respectively

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