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Failure analysis of ink-jet printer plug

we often encounter horizontal lines in printing when using color inkjet machines. Then, a typical mixed ownership enterprise can find that the print nozzle is broken after inspection of the print nozzle. We usually think that this is the plug. In fact, incomplete nozzle printing is not necessarily a plug. There may be two kinds:

1. Print head plug (which can be solved by soaking the print head with cleaning fluid or cleaning the print head with ultrasonic)

the average annual growth rate of polyurethane thermal insulation materials in China is 16%

2. Ink cartridge or electronic type and promote the rapid development of new wood plastic composite materials in China in a short time. The ink supply system of fracture strength tester is insufficient for the ink supply of the print head, This is what we often call false blocking (the consumables of the printer need to be repaired or replaced)

the disconnection of color ink jet printer is the most common fault in our daily use, and the maintenance methods of true blockage and false blockage are different, so we must first analyze whether it is true blockage or false blockage, so as to find the best solution

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