The hottest fuze drink adopts innovative powerflex

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Fuze beverage uses innovative PowerFlex PET packaging bottles

according to Englewood cliff, New Jersey, the United States, fuze beverage company is blowing its traditional 18 ounce glass bottles for one of its customers, and the 18.5 ounce PowerFlex PET bottles are provided by ACOR PET packaging

the advantages of the attractive electric driver of our glass bottle are indisputable: the noise is very small, the shape and elegant charm have been reflected in the new PowerFlex version of the glass bottle, which will meet the needs of customers for practicality and safety. Pellethane thermoplastic polyurethane is an ideal material for manufacturing a variety of medical equipment and provides convenience for the current Bryan cervical artificial intervertebral disc culture taking the above figure 5. Bill Meissner, deputy experience of fuze marketing department, explained

in order to meet the needs of various retail stores, this new bottle can also be used with automatic Baling Machines. New brands will also be launched to meet other supply channels that cannot use glass bottles (such as airports, military, food companies, etc.)

fuze first realized the production of 16.9oz PowerFlex bottles in 2007. Smaller bottles are designed for boxed bags or special venues, such as concerts and sports events. The performance of bottle 16.9 and the investigation from customers make the company think it is time to take it as the flagship model

amcor was accused of highly imitating the appearance and feel of glass bottles of the same brand. Amcor's engineers and design team are working closely with their partners to ensure that not only the aesthetic aspects are achieved, but also the products and fillers match well. The tight production cycle and the coordination of supply from Amcor's three plants to four different filling plants are also influential factors

amcor's PowerFlex bottle has a patented revolutionary control panel free design, which improves the parameters of hot filling bottle (185 degrees Fahrenheit) to a new level. The patented bottle freezes the liquid by pulling up the special vacuum absorption barrier at the bottom

in addition, because the PET bottle wall is thinner than that of glass, an extra 5 ounces will be added to the PowerFlex bottle to make the new bottle reach the design height. This brand's eye-catching shape and bright color full shrink label will also be applied to 18.5 Ounce Bottles

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