The hottest G20 summit media group visited Hikvisi

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The G20 summit media delegation visited Hikvision to explore the new driving force of Hangzhou's economy

in the past few years, the information economy has witnessed the re acceleration of Hangzhou and led the acceleration of Hangzhou. This dominance is reflected in data and the vitality and charm of micro enterprises. Hikvision, as one of the representative enterprises of the information economy in Hangzhou, welcomed the G20 registration delegation on the afternoon of September 2. Members of the delegation came from dozens of institutions such as Macao news agency, Hong Kong nowtv and China. Zhengyibo, vice president of Hikvision, made a question and answer exchange

national media have expressed strong interest in Hikvision's business performance and global market expansion. Zheng Yibo said that after years of accumulation, Hikvision has ranked first in the global market share and overseas market share in the field of video surveillance (data source: IHS, one of the three well-known consulting and research companies in the world); Relevant products and solutions have been applied in more than 100 countries and regions, covering all countries along the the Belt and Road; It has played an extremely important role in major security projects such as the Beijing Olympic Games, the Shanghai WorldExpo, the Ping An community in Philadelphia, South Korea, the Ping An City in Seoul, South Korea, and the world cup venues in Brazil. For more than ten years, why can Hikvision develop so rapidly? What are the successful experiences? The media of all countries can't wait to understand the mystery behind it

as the proportion of in-depth learning technology to the exports of emerging countries will also be greatly increased, the close visit experience of innovative technologies and products such as technology, unmanned aerial vehicles and storage robots will gradually solve your doubts. Speaking of Hikvision's development path, Zheng Yibo frankly said that the sustainable development of Hikvision's global market is inseparable from the continuous reform and innovation behind it, and takes innovation transformation as an institution and normal. Hikvision's scientific and technological innovation adheres to the market demand-oriented, application driven, technological progress supported, and product performance guaranteed, and constantly introduces the development trend of strategic emerging industries such as technology, high-end equipment, modern ocean and new energy vehicles that meet the industry development and accelerate the cultivation and development of new generation information. The National Standards Committee has proposed to launch the guidelines for the construction of new urbanization standard system in the near future Products and services that meet market application needs. It has achieved the improvement of material performance, safety performance and appearance performance, combined with the continuous reform and innovation of Hikvision, which is echoing the theme of this G20 summit. Innovation is becoming the most shining new characteristic of this city. In the future, there will be paradise above and Suzhou and Hangzhou below, which will be constantly refreshed by the legend of its innovative vitality. Zheng Yibo added

people from nowtv in Hong Kong want to know Zheng Yibo's views on the prospects of the industry. Zheng Yibo said that it is worth looking forward to: from the perspective of global anti-terrorism and public security needs, countries' investment in security continues to increase. From HD to intelligence, the requirements will be higher and higher. Different needs at different stages have been promoting the continuous innovation of Hikvision; In addition, the application of video is not limited to security, but can be more widely used in visual management, such as intelligent transportation, passenger flow statistics, etc. there is still a good growth space for video based visual management applications. Moreover, Hikvision has also been committed to innovation in the field of information economy, actively expanding emerging businesses such as machine vision, automotive electronics, Internet video, etc., to meet various needs in the field of information economy

when asked about Hikvision's role in smart cities, Zheng Yibo said that Hikvision is one of the important practitioners and participants in the field of smart cities. After more than ten years of development, Hikvision has gradually become a provider of IOT solutions and data operation services with video as the core. In addition to providing video monitoring equipment for smart city infrastructure construction, Hikvision also provides industry application solutions for all walks of life, such as smart safe city, smart transportation, smart education, smart environmental protection, smart tourism, smart water conservancy, smart manufacturing, etc. these industry applications are an important part of smart city

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