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Gadget Ghost: a new strategic blueprint for take-off, characteristic development for a new blue ocean of lighting

gadget ghost lighting also ushered in the 18th anniversary of the founding of the company as the 70th anniversary of the motherland is approaching. Standing at this important time node, facing the opportunities and challenges brought by international and domestic economic forms and the lighting industry, how to quickly and effectively complete the "adult" butterfly change and perfect the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise will be related to the overall development of the gadget ghost in the future and the fate of the enterprise. Therefore, 2019 is a particularly important year

everything is renewed and strategy is the first. On the basis of clarifying the current situation of the enterprise and determining the future goals, the leadership and decision-making level of gadget ghost lighting made every effort to deploy strategic strategies, creatively describe the grand blueprint for development and take-off, strive to tap the new blue ocean of the development of the lighting industry with the new blueprint, and write a big chapter for better development with the majority of partners. The following aspects will be the focus of the next development of gadget ghost lighting enterprises

gadget ghost lighting modern industrial park

multi dimensional full layout:

China is the largest production country in the lighting industry in the world. The lighting application market is huge, the industrial base is solid, and the good industry environment has made many enterprises develop well. Located in Zhongshan, Guangdong, Enjoy the "light capital of the world" "Industrial clusters radiate dividends. With years of unremitting efforts, the company has maintained a good trend of steady development since its establishment in 2001.

by 2019, the brand has won more than 100 national and provincial honors, more than 100 product patents, nearly 30 branches across the country, more than 1000 cooperative customers, and more than 80000 points across the country, of which the market share of light source products is expected to exceed 80000 It is firmly in the forefront, and the perfection of hardware channel layout is among the best in the industry

"new strategy and new deployment in the new era", gadget ghost lighting will focus on the four dimensions of "product, channel, brand and team" based on the overall situation, take a broad view of the industry, combined with enterprise characteristics and past development experience. It will coordinate the layout from all aspects, comprehensively establish a systematic and feasible path planning, and basically form a "product based, channel linked, brand focused, and team driven development" Scientific development ecosystem

research, development and excellent experience

products are the foundation for enterprises to base themselves on the market, and they are also the life of enterprises. Based on the further application of "IPD integrated product development system", in the new era, gadget ghost lighting will focus on breaking through the research and development field, making every effort to expand and strengthen the lighting field while constantly extending to other fields

focus on lighting products in an all-round way, with both attack and defense of gadget ghost lighting, and expand and develop multiple product lines in parallel. They are reflected in: first, we will consolidate the development of light source products and further divide the market share; Secondly, the development and expansion of experimental data that can also be queried and stored in the field of home lighting will be strengthened; Moreover, at the same time, we should closely carry out the research and development of products in the engineering market; Finally, go all out to seize the development opportunities in the field of intelligent lighting. With the emergence of 5g technology, taking advantage of the opportunity that a new chapter of smart home is about to open, comprehensively deploying the development of intelligent lighting will be the key direction of gadget ghost product strategic planning

in addition, the future direction of the lighting industry will be dominated not only by products, so comprehensive services and system solutions will also be the next direction of xiaoqigui lighting. Focus on products, attach importance to experience and service, and truly achieve the enterprise mission - "quickly meet user needs and provide competitive lighting products and services."

gadget ghost lighting modern production workshop

maintain advantages and expand channels:

channels are an important link and support to deliver good products and services to the market and benefit users. We should strengthen the research and development of products and naturally keep up with the laying of channels. On the basis of summarizing the development experience of the first 18 years, gadget ghost lighting will combine the characteristics of the enterprise and build a three-dimensional channel with multi-dimensional radiation and thoughtful service

the tridimensional channel system of gadget ghost lighting will start from the multidimensional perspective of "what should I do if the horizontal and longitudinal tensile testing machine prompts online failure? Online and offline". Among them, the horizontal construction is manifested as: maintaining the existing channel status, constantly optimizing the dealer structure, enriching and consolidating, and rushing to occupy the first place in the hardware channel; Further develop lighting and home furnishing channels, and build new fields such as engineering channels at the same time; The vertical construction is manifested in: first, the expansion and development of the domestic market, and the establishment of a distribution model with "distribution as the main, supplemented by direct sales"; Second, in the process of constantly expanding overseas cooperation business, it will further optimize the overseas sales model and tap more high-quality partners. In addition, in addition to offline channels, gadget ghost lighting will also extend its tentacles to major e-commerce platforms to jointly open up online and offline channels to promote sales

based on the whole system, pay more attention to service optimization. While gradually promoting the mission transformation from "agents and dealers" to "brands and service providers", gadget ghost lighting will also make smart use of mobile Internet features to create users' personal IP, and comprehensively provide users with better services for selection, distribution, installation, maintenance, replacement, etc

focus on the promotion of plastic brands

gadget ghost lighting has experienced 18 years of steady development. In the past, the company focused on products, channels and markets; Entering 2019, "brand remodeling and upgrading" will also become the key construction direction. In combination with the company's positioning and development goals, we will comprehensively adjust the brand tone. A new image with connotation, depth and breadth will appear in the near future, pointing to the world's first-class lighting brand

gadget ghost lighting exhibition hall

brand upgrading will be carried out in three steps. In the brand reconstruction stage, we will reposition the brand, rectify the basic elements such as new logo, slogan, VI, Si and kV, comprehensively build the media channel and promotion system when the indenter contacts the test piece and the load on the force plate is zero, and comprehensively optimize the terminal point promotion and image transformation in combination with the company's strength and development goals; Brand building on this basis will build all media public relations cooperation and communication from all fields, and carry out brand concept communication in a fast and effective way, so that consumers can better understand the brand concept; Brand take-off hopes to form on the basis of establishing a complete, scientific and effective large-scale communication network, so that the majority of partners and consumers can recognize the brand and actively participate in brand communication. At the same time, it will gradually extend to the brand development within sub-10, deformation measurement accuracy: ± 0.5%

take the team to the ground again

"stand high, and you can land more!" The plan for the brand take-off of gadgets is a grand blueprint, and the implementation of strategic goals is a hard battle

people oriented, talent first. Team building is the guarantee of the gadget brand take-off plan. Comprehensively optimize the allocation of talents, and internally, increase the investment and construction of talents from the functional sectors of market, R & D, production and sales; Externally, we will continue to integrate and optimize the marketing service teams serving all major regions, and comprehensively provide younger, more professional and more ruthless teams for the operation of all links of the company

implement step by step and advance step by step. Take three years as a mileage, gradually refine the goals every year, and implement each goal in specific functional departments. Comprehensively lay out a practical development path, step by step, and gradually implement the "basic deployment, high-speed take-off, steady growth" step by step, achieve the planning effect one by one, and finally achieve the strategic goal

based on the overall situation, summarize and review. To build the planning path systematically and macroscopically, we should always summarize and review the development details, keep pace with the times, constantly adjust the development strategy, and comprehensively ensure the effective implementation of the take-off plan

in the near future, gadget ghost lighting will be presented to the public with a new image of momentum, high morale and all-round take-off. Please look forward to it

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