The world's four most popular parallel robots rank

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ABB ranks second among the four largest parallel robots in the world. The first is the invisible champion

industrial robots can be divided into series robots and parallel robots. In the field of traditional serial robots, one of the four families that make the yield point difficult to recognize is known all over the world: abb, KUKA, FANUC and Yaskawa. In the field of parallel robots, blizx parallel robots in Germany are the leaders in this emerging field. Among the traditional four families, only abb, FANUC and Yaskawa have parallel robots, and they are all non core businesses

blizx robots is a high-speed industrial parallel robot developed, designed and manufactured by blizx in Germany. Blizx has been focusing on parallel robots for more than 20 years. In recent years, blizx's shipments in the global market have increased rapidly. At present, thousands of blizx are shipped every year! Because of its absolutely leading technology in the industry, bolishi parallel robot has also been OEM produced by several internationally renowned brands of robots in the past few years

technically, the product models of ABB and Fanuc are not as complete as those of blizx. The former is mainly a light load parallel robot (3kg, 8kg), and the range of motion is not as complete as blizx. The load of bolishi parallel robot ranges from 3kg at the minimum to more than 100kg. There are dozens of models in total, and the motion stroke ranges from 500mm at the minimum to more than 2000mm at the maximum. In the same application scenario, the robots of several international famous manufacturers are less than 100 times per minute, while the application cases of bolishi parallel robot on the actual production line are as high as 130 times! These performance indicators are absolutely leaders in the field of parallel robots, and can be said to be conservative data (Germany blizx is rigorous, and the technical parameters announced are relatively conservative)

therefore, bolishi can meet the needs of various application scenarios with environmental factors such as pollution level. For many occasions that abb and Fanuc cannot meet (such as ultra-high speed and heavy load applications), bolishi parallel robot can be competent! Some customers of bolishi parallel robot find bolishi when other parallel robots cannot meet their needs

in terms of ease of use, bolishi parallel robot is also better than other well-known brands, and has very friendly control. Among them, Ping An Jiaying No. 1 subscribes 36.6032 million shares of interface, which can be completed by extending the optical industry chain such as optical component manufacturing, LCD manufacturing, photoelectric equipment assembly through interface debugging, without in-depth programming, which greatly saves the user's use cost

insiders know that abb parallel robots have no vision and are generally equipped with external vision. In addition, the brand premium is high and the price is relatively expensive. The German bolishi parallel robot, with a complete system of mechanical body, control system, vision and so on, has a huge cost-effective advantage

to sum up, bolishi parallel robot can be said to be a model in the parallel robot industry, Bugatti Veyron in the parallel robot industry

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