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EASTPO: looking at the growth of machine tools from the downstream industries such as aerospace, shipbuilding and automobile

recently, a special group of the Organizing Committee of the 13th Shanghai International Machine Tool Exhibition conducted an investigation and return visit to key enterprises in the field of key users in which the occurrence of such errors by machine tool owners has a relatively small impact on large load measurement. This survey is mainly aimed at the relevant heads of the equipment procurement and production and manufacturing departments of the top ten machine tool user industries, such as aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, wind power generation, mold, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, etc

Li Bin, chief of the technical section of Weichai Power Co., Ltd., said that the company's procurement budget in 2011 was 20million yuan, focusing on the procurement of vertical and horizontal machining centers, forging machine tools, molds and materials, tools/clamps/measuring tools, measuring equipment/instruments, and special machine tools

Xiang Hui, technical director of the equipment department of Dongfeng commercial vehicle company body factory: in the recent year, the company plans to purchase forging machine tools, metal processing and forming machines, industrial robots and flexible manufacturing units, molds and materials, tools/clamps/measuring tools, and testing equipment

yaozhenzhong, deputy director of tooling department of Shanghai Xinli Power Equipment Research Institute (Aerospace): the company has procurement plans for opposition, horizontal machining center, electrical processing, laser processing, special machine tools, molds and materials, tools/clamps/measuring tools, testing equipment, CNC systems, and hopes to visit high-end CNC machine tools and advanced processing technology at this exhibition

Chen fenglun, head of the procurement department of Nantong COSCO Kawasaki Shipbuilding Engineering Co., Ltd.: the company mainly purchases lathes and hopes to enjoy more advanced equipment at the 13th Shanghai International Machine Tool Exhibition

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he Hailiang, head of the production management department of Hudong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.: the company mainly purchased vertical and horizontal machining centers, boring machines, machine tool functional parts and accessories in 2011, and hoped to see all kinds of machine tool equipment and accessories at this exhibition

in addition, the following key user industries' needs can be seen from the survey

weapon manufacturing industry: the demand for CNC machine tools is large and wide, requiring CNC machine tools to be reliable and stable. Weapon manufacturing industry needs a large number of CNC lathes, vertical and horizontal machining centers, five axis machining centers, gantry boring and milling machines, boring and milling machining centers, gear processing machines, etc

power generation equipment manufacturing industry: Heavy CNC gantry boring and milling machine and large floor boring and milling machine are needed, and a set of mechanism is added to realize the zigzag loading machine for cantilever samples, large CNC lathe, special milling machine for blade root groove and blade CNC machining machine, etc. the power transmission and transformation equipment manufacturing industry needs CNC lathes, machining centers, CNC boring machines, etc

pants tearing force in mold manufacturing industry: demand high-speed CNC milling machines, coordinate measuring machines, precision electrical machining machines, high-precision machining centers, precision grinders, etc. (source: Dongbo)

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