Eastman will show its product portfolio for the mi

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Eastman will show the product portfolio for automotive glass interlayer

Eastman will show the new saflex for automotive laminated glass on CES 2021? Advanced Interlayers。 Eastman's laminated solutions for automotive glass have a long history and expertise in the integration of automatically approved functional membranes

Saflex? The automotive team will discuss various saflex? Advanced middle tier, including saflex? The new product release of E-series enhanced acoustic interlayer and the new solar interlayer for signal friendly multifunctional windscreens

"CES 2021 provides a unique opportunity to interact with innovative leaders in the automotive industry in display, consumer electronics and acoustics," said hemant dandekar, Eastman's director of middle tier marketing and strategy. "A special meeting will be held to discuss the vehicle technology innovation and vehicle transformation that consumers want: electric vehicles and connectivity, both of which are related to the use of saflex? Solutions."

Eastman will continue to develop new technologies and functions for the next generation head up display system, including in-plane/transparent displays, and it is expected that augmented reality HUD (ar-hud) will improve driver safety. Ar-hud will enable the driver to adjust in real time through driver assistance system (ADAS) alarms and navigation prompts, which will display graphics in virtual image distance (VID) with unlimited distance (usually 10 m). From the driver's point of view, further projection of information can greatly improve the driver's awareness of the approaching situation, so as to have more time to respond

eastman advanced interlayers has used its patented resin and plasticizer technology. 3. The upper friction body (weight) technology platform covered with white Doric paper (or A4 white paper) is formulated as tranquilglass? Unique viscoelastic core. This unique formula helps saflex? The E-Series enhanced acoustic intermediate layer creates a more balanced sound than the traditional acoustic intermediate layer in a higher frequency range and vehicle speed, especially for electric vehicles. In the traditional acoustic intermediate layer, wind sound is a more common noise source. Voice recognition for commands/calls, reduced external noise and a quieter cab as a whole distract drivers and focus more on safe driving

Eastman's new saflex? Solar interlayer will make the next generation of multifunctional windshield that meets the comfort, compatibility and information needs of modern vehicles a reality. This technology can provide excellent solar heat dissipation performance while maintaining compatibility with infrared rain sensor and ORBIS traffic camera system. It will also be a signal friendly middle layer with fast solidification, small shrinkage and easy decomposition, which means that it will not interfere with the functions of electronic toll sensors, mobile devices or GPS. Because this interlayer solution will provide solar control function and realize sensor function and signal transmission at the same time, it may be a more attractive choice for automobile manufacturers compared with metal coating technology

ces provides a good platform to kick off this year and make contact with signal friendly solar solutions, the acoustic layer for enhanced speech recognition, and the middle layer of the next generation head up display (HUD) for projection augmented reality

under the internal circulation of economic transmission, in April 2021, China Chengdu Construction Expo will talk with you about the new opportunities of the industry "

in 2020, with the outbreak of the global epidemic to the effective control of the prevention and control of the domestic epidemic, the global economic pattern has also undergone great changes, and China is moving forward under the strong strategic deployment of national policies... [details]

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