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Application of Siemens WinAC in die casting machine

alloy casting methods can be divided into: gravity casting, low pressure casting, semi-solid die casting, semi melt injection molding and die casting. Among them, the more common is the die casting process. Pressure casting (die casting for short) is a method of filling molten metal into the mold cavity at high speed under the action of high pressure, and making the metal solidify under this pressure to form a casting. High pressure and high speed are the most important characteristics of die casting. Pressure casting is the fastest production method among all casting methods, and the initial filling speed is in the range of 0.5 ~ 70m/s

alloy can be cast in cold chamber or hot chamber. When selecting the die casting machine, the wall thickness of the casting determines the process used. The hot chamber method is used for medium and small alloy castings, especially thin-walled parts, and the cold chamber method is used for large and stressed thick-walled parts. We take magnesium alloy die casting machine as an example

technical requirements of cold chamber die casting machine

· due to the low specific pressure requirement (bar) of magnesium alloy, a small injection force is required to achieve a better effect, so the die casting machine is best equipped with different injection forces

· since magnesium alloy is easy to solidify, it requires large flow and short filling time. The actual firing speed is more than meters per second, and the space speed is higher

· due to the difficulty in controlling the extrusion and casting process of magnesium alloy on the sheath, the dispersed microfiber can enhance the toughness, and the stability and parameter controllability of the machine are high. It is best to have monitoring charts, production data display, production statistics and automatic calculation of injection parameters

characteristics of control system and effective solution of WinAC

the main characteristics of the automatic control system of magnesium alloy cold chamber die casting machine are to realize high-speed collection of production data, efficient control process, rich and detailed production information, convenient production data access interface, etc. As the core of the automatic control system of magnesium alloy cold chamber die casting machine, WinAC controller mainly performs all the control logic of the operation of the die casting machine, exchanges data with the man-machine operation interface, calls the driver of the high-speed acquisition card compiled by WinAC odk, and completes data acquisition and control output

1. requirements for high-speed performance: in the production process, the control system is required to be able to accurately collect all data in the high-speed production process for 8 seconds to complete the real-time control of the equipment, and the accuracy of each data acquisition and real-time control is equal to 0.3ms. Therefore, the high-speed problem in this system involves high-speed data sampling, high-speed data storage, high-speed control algorithm operation and so on. For high-speed data acquisition, a third-party (Advantech) isa data acquisition card based on PC standard is adopted, and the data acquisition card is driven and controlled by vc++ program compiled by WinAC odk, which can complete data acquisition and storage stably and at high speed, and exchange data with WinAC. For a large number of data problems, we use the vc++ program compiled by WinAC odk to store the data in a certain format on the hard disk of the PC, and then read these data in the same format, and then process the data and operate the database. To solve the problem of high-speed control and calculation, we need to use the precise and high-speed performance of WinAC RTX. WinAC RTX is based on the real-time extended kernel (venturecom/arena) of the operating system. It adopts asynchronous programming, which can obtain more accurate control time, and is not limited by various factors of WinAC controller itself, such as system resource occupation, minimum scanning time, etc

2. Requirements for a large amount of data processing: calculate the sampling accuracy with 0.3ms to make the display stable, high precision and easy to use. For a complete charging and injection process, the system must store at least 24000 records. The pressure value, position value and valve opening value in one record need 8 bytes of storage space, so one injection is 192K data. The injection process is recorded more than 3000 times a week, so 192K needs to be completed × 3000 = statistical analysis of 576m data. To complete the storage and query of such a large number of historical records and the statistical analysis of data, the control system must have strong computing and storage capabilities, so it needs to use the CPU, memory, hard disk and other hardware resources of PC

3. Requirements of complex processing process: in a die casting process, the speed of rapid injection is about 10m/s, and the injection stroke is less than 1m, so it is necessary to complete many tasks such as pressure detection, position measurement, proportional valve control and so on in the process of less than 100ms. It also requires real-time control of the speed and pressure curve of the filling process during die casting, that is, to judge the pressure, position, external control operation and other data information of the die-casting machine, and to implement the process of die-casting production such as slow pressure, first speed die-casting, second speed die-casting, third speed die-casting, pressurized injection, pressure injection back hammer, and according to the oil inlet pressure obtained by high-speed sampling The oil outlet pressure and injection position are calculated by the control algorithm, and the results are output to the oil inlet regulating proportional valve at high speed to adjust the pressure in the injection cylinder, change the injection speed, complete the ideal injection curve output, and realize closed-loop control. The WinAC odk application development kit can write program code in the C language development environment, generate dynamic link libraries, and complete complex control calculations

4. it is convenient to strictly select materials with good system expansion ability: it is necessary to connect third-party equipment. As the fastest-growing standard equipment in recent years, PC has very good compatibility. When users add other third-party related equipment, they can always connect with PC in a standard interface way, and easily realize the data exchange between the third-party equipment and WinAC controller

5. The need for personalized human-machine interface: (1) the die-casting monitoring system needs to display the pressure and speed curve of the whole injection process, help set the best injection curve and store it during trial production, and monitor the stability of each batch of die-casting process at the same time; (2) Operate the database system, and manage the data through the database, vertically compare the changes and trends of the maximum speed of fast injection and pressure build-up time in thousands of die-casting processes, and summarize the knowledge base for the parameter adjustment of high-quality die-casting production process, which lays a foundation for the development of the fuzzy control system of die-casting machine in the future. (3) Connect with workshop management system. Through the OPC interface of WinAC and the open standard of ODBC, the application program of the control operation interface and database storage and access of the die casting machine is compiled with C + + Builder to complete the production operation, operation parameter setting, production information query and other application functions of the die casting machine

system configuration

(1) panel pc870

(2) communication card cp5613

(3) WinAC rtx

(4) WinAC odk

(5) im153-1

(6) pci-1716

(7) PC (end)

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