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Solvay resin is used in new medical devices

Solvay polymer high-performance resin has been used in new medical applications

ixef brand polyacrylamide (para), manufactured by Solvay group, is used for a series of components of foot surgical fixation system. Stapix system is developed by instratek, a medical equipment manufacturer in Houston

instratek executives said at a recent press conference that instratek chose ixef resin as a disposable medical device material because of its high stiffness, good plasticity and price advantages. Lance Terrill, engineering director, said that at first, our engineers explored several materials for this application, including ABS and Pei, but none of them could match the unique mechanical properties of ixef resin

medical surgical lighting

in fact, Jinan Shijin's different tension testing machine fixtures have different grasping methods. Dane waund, the global medical market manager of LVI, added that the main fixation system has deepened the understanding of emerging medical trends and partners who provide materials solutions for customers' needs are finding it more and more difficult in this process

waund said in a recent interview that Solvay saw a trend of replacing metals in more medical applications

he added that this can not only reduce costs, but also reduce weight. It can be found that there are many switches in many one-time applications, but in some cases, customers want to reuse

in the field of medical lighting, surgical equipment manufacturer medical illumination international uses Solvay medical grade UDEL brand PSU and radel brand PPSU in the more compact mi-1000 surgical lighting equipment

Solvay executives said at a recent press conference that the three high-performance polymers of Solvay injection molding components, in addition to fixing the position of the surgical lamp during surgery, UDEL and radel polymers can make molded parts more durable after frequent chemical disinfection and steam sterilization

Steve rowey, chief operating officer, said at the press conference that the Ministry of information industry of California had achieved success in this market because of its meticulous design and the reliable performance of surgical lighting systems, which met or far exceeded the needs of operating rooms. Solvay's materials have always shown ultra-high performance from the molding process to the final application. You'd better choose some well-known brands of universal testing machines for their level and performance

many large medical devices have also changed from lower grade engineering materials such as PC and ABS to more professional materials of Solvay, which can be sterilized repeatedly

2. Maintenance of oil source: regularly check whether there is oil leakage at the main engine and oil source.

Solvay group has 26000 employees worldwide, with global sales of more than 12billion US dollars in 2014

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