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Application of Solid3000 software in fixture design

fixture is an important basic component in manufacturing system and equipment. With the continuous acceleration of mechanical product upgrading, multi variety and small batch production, fixture design and manufacturing is required to have the ability to quickly respond to product changes, which can shorten the product design and manufacturing cycle, increase the flexibility of the manufacturing system, reduce costs, and improve product quality. However, due to the poor standardization, serialization and standardization of fixtures, fixture design completely depends on the experience of designers, and the accelerated product upgrading leads to the increasing workload of fixture design. If only two-dimensional software is used for fixture design, it only plays the role of computer-aided drawing, and the design experience and design structure of previous product fixtures cannot be reused, which not only affects the speed of product upgrading, but also a great waste of enterprise resources. Therefore, using three-dimensional software to replace two-dimensional software for fixture design is the general trend and the inevitable result of the progress of manufacturing informatization

the following is what the author felt when using Solid3000 software for fixture design. I hope to communicate with colleagues and make common progress

I. personalized design environment and design method

solid3000 the whole interface is quite beautiful, and the drawing area is the most open, which can enable us to enter an immersive design environment. Solid300 members of the European Parliament (MEPs) also listed plastic products that have been banned from entering the EU market since 2021: oxidized degradable plastic product 0 fully supports the top-down or bottom-up designer of the product, universal testing machine, plastic material selection type. In the assembly design environment, we can create a new part or an assembly, and we can also ensure the relevance between parts or assemblies to realize the associative design of parts. When some sizes of one part are changed, the shape or size of the part or assembly associated with it will also change, and this correlation can also be broken. This design method is often used in fixture design

special fixture for a part

II. Convenient design means

solid3000 provides a powerful standard parts library. Most of the national standard parts required for tooling design can be found in the standard parts library. Solid3000 also provides a function of customizing and expanding the standard parts library. We can put some commonly used enterprise standard parts into the standard parts library for the subsequent design of products. Because there are quite a lot of fixture standard parts, such as pressure plates, flanges, V-shaped blocks, guide rails, etc., a lot of time was spent on drawing these parts when using two-dimensional software. After using Solid3000 software, these parts can be put into the standard parts library, and at the same time, the "parameter design table" can be used to make serial parts for future design. This can make our design experience have a better accumulation process and improve the efficiency and level of our design

standard parts library parameter design table

III. It is convenient for the design of similar products or serialized products

due to the particularity of tooling, many tooling structures are very similar, especially when similar product parts are processed in the same way, their basic parts, supports, positioning parts, guide parts, clamping parts and other components can be reused, but the size of some parts is slightly changed to form another set of products. Therefore, the establishment of a special fixture/modular fixture component library can greatly reduce the workload of fixture parts design and modeling, and reduce the number of parts assembly during the virtual assembly of modular fixtures, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid design and assembly

in view of the particularity of tooling, Solid3000 provides a "assembly cloning" function. Assembly cloning is different from copying files directly in the explorer. Cloning can generate a new assembly model, and the modification of the model will not affect the original assembly, so as to truly achieve the purpose of serial component design. In the past, when using other three-dimensional software for design, when only one part was changed, the design scheme of multiple sets of products would often be changed together, which was not in line with our design intention. However, this problem can be solved by using the function of "assembly cloning". This avoids the repeated work of tooling designers and greatly improves our work efficiency

as shown in the following two figures, the structure of the two sets of milling machine fixtures is very similar, only the shape or size of the parts shown in part No. 1, 2 and 3 are slightly changed. After cloning and slightly modifying, two different sets of products are obtained

slightly modify after cloning

IV. convenient and fast engineering drawings

we can select views in various directions according to our needs, which will be automatically generated by the system; The drawing has a complete and national standardized frame and title block, which supports the coexistence and coordination of multiple engineering drawings. Xinzhou 3D (Solid3000) can easily generate a variety of cutting views, directional views and truncated views. The software also provides the functions of explosion views and section views, which can fully meet our needs of various view expression. The system also provides a wealth of Engineering symbols, such as roughness, datum symbols, leaders, welding symbols, centerlines, geometric tolerance marks 5, summary notes, etc. the software also provides a dimensional tolerance query table, so that we can easily select the tolerance codes or values that meet the requirements. For assembly engineering drawings, the software can automatically generate the parts list, which is convenient, fast and accurate. In the past, we counted the details manually. The information of its name, code, quantity, weight and so on is quite cumbersome, easy to make mistakes and inconvenient to modify. But after using the software's "automatic generation of parts list" function, all these problems have been solved. Solid3000's engineering drawings are tested in many details

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