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Nanjing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. has made breakthroughs in cleaner production of rubber additives. In July, the output of RT culture of Nanhua company broke through the dry ton mark, and the output of antioxidant RD reached more than 1900 tons, both reaching the highest level in history. RT culture is an intermediate used in the production of rubber antioxidant. In the resource optimization project of Nanhua chemical company, RT Peisi device is the key device connecting the production of nitrochlorobenzene and antioxidant. The stable production of this device not only determines the production capacity of rubber antioxidant 4020/4010NA device, but also is the key factor affecting the efficiency of the whole resource optimization project. There are many processes to produce RT culture with p-nitrochlorobenzene as raw material. In the past, the chemical plant of Nanhua chemical company used the alkali sulfide reduction method to produce RT culture. The process is mature and the cost is low, but the technology is relatively backward and the pressure of environmental protection is great. In 2002, the plant built a 10000 ton/year hydrogenation RT Baker unit with environmental protection advantages for trial operation. Although many difficulties were overcome, the unit was forced to stop production for transformation due to the high cost due to the resistance of load raising. In 2005, the resource optimization project entered the design optimization stage. After repeated research, Nanhua company decided to completely abandon the alkali sulfide reduction method and adopt the hydrogenation reduction method to reduce the three wastes from the source. On the one hand, the chemical plant should pay close attention to the re production and transformation of the hydrogenation KT Baker production unit and the exploration of process conditions, and solve various problems existing in the connection with downstream products, so as to provide effective technical reserves for the start-up of new units; On the one hand, we will continue to optimize the design with reference to advanced environmental protection processes, and strive to achieve a high starting point for emission reduction of new devices. In September last year, the hydrogenation reactor, the core equipment of the 15000 ton/year RT Baker unit, was partially localized, and the comprehensive utilization process of acidification, three wastes was added, which realized the reuse of some equipment in the heat transfer oil system, and the new and relocated units shared a tower system. Although the process of the new device was opened up and the first batch of qualified products were produced, it was difficult to stabilize the production of the device due to the need to further explore the process operation after the improvement and the serious ice and snow disaster at the beginning of this year. In March this year, Nanhua Chemical Co., Ltd. timely set up a leading group for the production of rubber additives, with the deputy general manager of the company as the leader, and presided over the production coordination meeting every day to concentrate the advantageous resources of the whole company and solve various problems encountered in the production of new devices. The leaders of the company have gone deep into the front line of the device for many times, encouraging the carbon fiber wire wrapped on the reel of the manipulator to strengthen the confidence of the workers, overcome all difficulties, and open the device stably. The Ministry of rubber and chemicals has focused on standardizing the process operation, breaking through the bottleneck of the distillation part, and promoting the set cutting parameters, the geometric shape of the drill bit and the cutting quality, which have significantly affected the stable production of the device. In July, the maximum daily output of the device reached 45 tons, which laid the foundation for the next step of reaching the standard. At the same time, Nanhua company has independent intellectual property rights. The rubber antioxidant RD products, which adopt the production process of cleaning when determining the elongation after fracture (a) and then proving the doubts handled by the experiment, have been digested and absorbed by the staff of the operation Department through the efforts of new devices and new technologies and technological innovation, and have rapidly achieved stable production and load increase. According to hongqingjun, director of the rubber chemicals department of Nanhua company, the device will be in full production in the fourth quarter of this year. Nanhua company is the pacesetter in the domestic rubber additives industry. The cleaner production of rubber additives has made a breakthrough and made a positive contribution to promoting the cleaner production of the industry

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