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Application of solvent recovery machine in painting and paint production industry

painting and paint production industry will use a large number of paint diluents, commonly known as thinner, also known as Tianna water, banana water, etc. This diluent is generally used to clean spray guns, paint barrels, etc. After repeated cleaning, a large number of impurities (such as paint, ink, grease, pigment, resin, etc.) will be mixed into the diluent, so that the diluent cannot be used for cleaning again

diluent (tiannashui):

tiannashui is a transliteration, and its English name is thinner

other names: isoamyl acetate, alias isoamyl acetate; Banana oil; Banana water

appearance: colorless transparent liquid, with banana like smell, or slightly yellow

raw materials: isoamyl alcohol, acetic acid and catalyst

formula: 15% n-butyl acetate, 15% ethyl acetate, 10 ~ 15% n-butanol, 10% ethanol, 5 ~ 10% acetone, 20% benzene, 20% xylene

usage: organic solvent, cleaning flux, insoluble in water

boiling point: 80.1 ℃

generally, users will pour out the diluent mixed with a large amount of impurities after repeatedly using the diluent for several times. However, this method of treating waste diluents is neither economical nor environmentally friendly. It is uneconomical because this diluent mixed with impurities can also be used for cleaning again after treatment. Because the purity of diluent is not high in the cleaning process, it only needs a kind of equipment to extract diluent from impurities; It is not environmental friendly because the diluent is a mixture of several organic chemicals with chitosan and anti microbial and anti fungal properties. These substances are toxic. If they are directly poured into the ground, they will pollute the groundwater system. If they are poured into the river, they will directly pollute the source of tap water and endanger human health

working principle of solvent recovery machine:

solvent recovery machine is a device that uses the distillation principle to extract useful solvents from waste liquids containing solvents. The working principle of Italian ist solvent recycling machine (dedicated to the R & D and production of recycling machine since 1987) is introduced in detail

1. Recovery process of ist solvent recovery machine:

as shown in the figure below, use electric heating heat transfer oil to heat the waste solvent in the distillation drum (yellow part in figures P1 and P4, red part in figures P2 and P3). After heating, the solvent vaporizes, flows into the cooling box from the pipe at the top of the distillation drum, liquefies when the steam is cooled, and finally flows into the clean solvent recovery drum, that is, the whole recovery process is completed

ist solvent recycling machine recycling process diagram

2. Introduction to the working principle of ist solvent recycling machine:

put the waste solvent to be recycled into the distillation barrel (AISI304 stainless steel, optional anti adhesion DuPont coating) of the solvent recycling machine, heat it to the boiling point of the solvent (indirectly heated by Mobil heat transfer oil), and the solvent begins to vaporize, The vaporized steam is separated from impurities (paint, ink, grease, pigment, resin and other nonvolatile substances). The steam enters the cooling system of the solvent recovery machine from the top of the distillation drum, and flows out of the side pipe of the solvent recovery machine after liquefaction and concentration. After one recovery cycle, only residue and a small amount of solvent are left at the bottom of the distillation drum. For the remaining residue, ist manual or automatic residue unloading system can be used to clean the residue, or ist special bag for high temperature and corrosion-resistant solvent recovery can be used in the distillation barrel to clean the residue more conveniently

economic analysis of solvent recovery (taking ist-62 model as an example):

the distillation barrel capacity of ist-62 solvent recovery machine is 60 liters, power: 3.2Kw, and 60 liters of waste liquid can be loaded into it for distillation treatment at a single time. From the beginning of heating distillation to the end of distillation of all recyclable solvents, it is a recycling cycle, which takes about 4 hours, According to the different boiling points of solvents, the current plastic processing industry is facing the weakening of the traditional advantages of low labor costs, the rapid technological progress, the slowdown of the pace of surpassing, and the recovery time is also different)

recoverable amount per month: the treatment cycle is about 4 hours (including the time of slag removal, liquid addition and waste solution treatment on the same day), and it can be treated 6 times a day, 60 liters × 6 times =360 liters/day, the recovery rate is calculated as 98%, 360 liters × 98% ≈ 350 liters

recycling value: 350 liters × 8 yuan/liter =2800 yuan (assuming solvent price =8 yuan/liter)

electric dark black filament yarn is suitable for sporting goods requiring rigidity, high strength, light weight and beauty: 3.2Kw × 4H × 6 times × 1 yuan/degree ≈ 80 yuan

labor cost: 50 yuan × 2 shifts =100 yuan (there is no need for special personnel to watch at all times, set the time or temperature, and the solvent recovery machine will shut down automatically after recovery)

net savings recovered on the same day: =2620 yuan

net cost savings recovered in the current month: 2620 × 30 = 78600 yuan/month. (end)

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