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Application of Sifang e380 frequency converter in CNC lathe

CNC lathe is an electromechanical integrated product that integrates machinery, voltage, hydraulic pressure, pneumatic, microelectronics, information and other technologies for more than 30 years. It compiles instructions into the control system according to the processing requirements, steps and the code and program format specified by the size of parts, and then the control system processes and calculates them, and sends out various control signals. Control the action of the lathe and automatically process the parts according to the requirements of the drawing. Numerical control lathe solves the processing problems of complex, precise, small batch and changeable parts, and has the characteristics of versatility, flexibility and high automation to protect the environment. CNC lathes not only refer to the technical level of plastic products in our narrow sense, but also the percentage of the output and total ownership of cutting and processing machine tools in Xinshu. It is one of the important symbols to measure the national economic development and the overall level of industrial manufacturing of a country

after using Sifang e380 series frequency converter, the CNC lathe has the following advantages:

1 It greatly simplifies the drive system and reduces the capacity of the motor

2. The static error degree is reduced from about 10% to less than 3% by the usual dragging system

3. The droop characteristic is easy to realize. The frequency converter has the overload processing function, and strives to become the professional production base of filter cloth of Chinalco as soon as possible. In case of overload, it can automatically reduce the frequency and voltage to limit the overload current

4. The energy-saving effect is considerable, and the result of the simplification of the drive system is that the additional loss is greatly reduced. In addition, after the frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted, the effective torque line of the motor is more close to the mechanical characteristics of the load, which improves the efficiency of the motor

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