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The application of smart cards in commercial buildings

with the continuous improvement of smart card technology, cards have gradually replaced banknotes, keys, labels and other items. Among them, IC card has the characteristics of large storage capacity, good confidentiality, strong anti-interference ability, high data reliability, low system requirements and strong expansion functions, which makes it gradually penetrate into enterprise applications from the fields of communication, finance and insurance, government administration, etc., such as commercial buildings, intelligent buildings, etc

now, let's introduce the application of Tiandy smart card system in commercial buildings

in commercial buildings, the most important three aspects are people, money and things

for personnel, we need attendance management and access control management. Patrol management and safety management, etc. In the smart card system of Tiandi Weiye, we have a set of "security integration" system, which can completely integrate these aspects into a set of system, which can make the management more humanized

for property, we need cash flow management, card consumption management, etc. Tiandi Weiye has a set of financial management system in its products, which can combine the existing financial management with UnionPay card management system, so that it can master the flow of funds anytime and anywhere, and is the most reliable helper of the management

for goods, we need logistics management, etc. The logistics management system of Tiandi Weiye mainly uses electronic tags to establish files for each item, which can track the flow direction and quality of items anytime and anywhere. Ensure that customers have easy and convenient logistics management

we can easily realize these three aspects with smart cards, and truly realize the "business card". In order to achieve these aspects, the following subsystems of Tiandi Weiye smart card management system can be used:

first, Tiandy access control, attendance management subsystem

access control, attendance management subsystem is an indispensable part of modern commercial buildings, which can not only establish a standardized management image of companies, buildings or office places, improve the management level, but also standardize the internal management system. The birth of inductive card technology enables an inductive card to replace all the door keys, and has different permissions to authorize the card to enter the door that can be entered within its scope of responsibility. All incoming and outgoing conditions are recorded in the computer, which is convenient for querying and implementing the occurrence time of specific things. Its main functions are as follows:

1. Computer based programming

the operator makes various settings on the control host according to his own operation authority, such as opening/closing the door, checking the door state of a controlled area, authorizing or deleting the card, etc. Attendance should have the functions of arbitrary shift scheduling, sick and personal leave management, "he said, overtime management, and can print out reports according to customer needs

2. Card usage mode

this system uses a non-contact ID sensing card. Each card is unique, cannot be copied, and has high confidentiality

3. Access level control

the system can set the use time and place of the card at will, which does not belong to this level. 2. The card holder of the precautions for the protection of strand testing machine is prohibited from accessing, and the system will alarm for illegal access. There are many schedules to choose from

4. Real time monitoring function

the status and behavior of the portal can be reflected in the computer in the control room in real time, such as who, when and where the door is opened/closed. When the door opening time exceeds the set value, the system will alarm

5. Record storage function

all card reading data are recorded by computer, which is convenient for timely inquiry after an accident (in the case of offline, the access controller should be able to maintain more than 70000 pieces of data; in the case of power failure, the data can be maintained for 90 days)

6. Sequence processing function

when any alarm signal occurs or the specified state changes, a series of sequence control instructions will be automatically executed

7. Two way control

the system supports two-way control. Special portals need to read the card in both directions. If it is read only once, the card will become invalid. This function can not only prevent the card from being transferred later, but also reflect the actual personnel situation of the site in real time

8. Password setting of multi-level operation authority

the system software assigns multiple levels of operation authority to different levels of operators. Entering different passwords can enter different control interfaces

9. Password function

except that the system can use a card to enter the door alone, for special door points, the dual security function of card reading and password opening can be realized by using a card reader with password, or the super password method can be used to enter the door. (8-digit super password: input with the keyboard, and open the door without reading the card), ensuring the control of high security places

II. Tiandy security management subsystem

in terms of security management, it is necessary to realize the linkage between the smart card and the security monitoring system of the building to realize the function of security integration. This requires the following functions:

1. Card swiping linkage capture

the system realizes the linkage between the access control system and the DVR system. You can set the card swiping to open the door and capture the scene image according to the preset conditions, and you can compare and display the photos to avoid the illegal holder pretending to enter. The illegal card can be recorded in the log and alarm; And can flexibly set various brushes 1 The induction system of the tension machine adopts the linkage action of the sensor card situation of the world's famous sensor manufacturer, vistequan of the United States

2. Card swiping linkage recording

you can set the card swiping to open the door and record the video according to the preset conditions. At the same time, the path of the video file is saved in the entry and exit report of the system software and bound with the card swiping record; Double click the card swiping record to playback the video file

3. Real time monitoring

taking Heilongjiang as an example, the electronic map provides direct video monitoring function, which can directly monitor the on-site status of the access control area, and even directly control the cloud mirror equipment on this map, completely embed the monitoring characteristics into the electronic map, and provide instant capture and video recording functions

4. Alarm switching

illegal card swiping can directly switch the video signal of the video channel corresponding to the door, so that the manager can see the specific situation of the scene at the first time, and can eliminate the alarm or start other alarm equipment according to the actual situation

5. Video confirmation function

when someone swipes the card, the front-end camera will automatically send the image back to the main control room, and the personnel in the main control room can control the door to open or close after confirmation

III. as an extension of safety management, the patrol management of security personnel is also an indispensable condition to ensure the safety of the building. Its required functions should include:

1. Taking IC card as the patrol card, the patrol is arranged by the computer software of the control center

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