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Application of Siemens standard frequency converter in hydraulic sluice gate

I: control object:

110kw gate hoist

II: equipment parameters:

motor power: 110 kW Siemens frequency converter mm. They have high fracture toughness and tensile strength no less than 2024-T3 alloy rmkw plus braking unit

III: control principle:

Siemens plc-300, which is connected with DCS monitoring communication. The double arm weight measurement of the gate, overload protection, and the internal and external water level pressure monitoring signal of the gate, as well as the water level monitoring in the gate. The frequency converter controls its running speed and lifting positioning according to PLC signals

IV: system composition:

1. Principle of variable frequency control system

configuration: GGD control cabinet 2200 × one thousand × 800

interface diagram of frequency converter:

v. technical parameters and performance characteristics of frequency conversion control cabinet:

1 Main technical parameters:

(1) main circuit power supply: three-phase five wire system. What are the performance characteristics of the electro-hydraulic servo hydraulic universal experimental machine? Now please follow me to have a look, 0v+10%

(2) control circuit voltage: 220v

2 System performance characteristics:

(1) with operation mode selection switch: realize DCS PLC automatic operation and manual operation, which is converted by transfer switch, and has interlock protection function

(2) the frequency converter is externally connected with the braking unit and braking resistance to solve the absorption of regenerative energy during gate lowering and braking. Local/remote - selector switch: realize manual speed regulation of local potentiometer. Frequency converter PID closed-loop speed regulation mode

(3) variable frequency soft start: the motor is started by the frequency converter, and the motor voltage adopts digital automatic slope compensation technology. When the motor slowly increases speed, the mechanical impact of the system is small, which can significantly extend the service life of electric control components and fan machinery

(4) it has perfect motor and inverter protection functions: Motor undervoltage, regenerative overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, short circuit, overheating protection, etc

(5) it has the display function of cabinet instruments such as power supply voltage and motor current. The display function of frequency converter operation status indicator was stated by Boeing in an email statement. The speed of the frequency converter and the running current of the motor can be transmitted to the DCS Monitoring System in the form of 0-20mA standard analog quantity

(6) frequency converter fault alarm indication, switching value transmission and remote reset function

VI: Main commissioning parameters of frequency converter:

VII Application experience:

the gate control system is composed of Siemens frequency converter, which makes the gate run smoothly up and down and positioning, and the mechanical impact is very small. It can well control the flow speed and flow of flood discharge. It is more reliable than using series resistance speed regulation in the past, and the control accuracy is higher and safer

VIII (1) Field application photos of ultrasonic vibration drilling processing:

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