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Brief introduction of Guangzhou Heidelberg cement DCS project

--- the environmental protection relocation project of Guangzhou cement plant is a key project of Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City, and also a national cement industry "Tenth Five Year Plan" project. The project is jointly invested and constructed by Heidelberg Cement Co., Ltd., Yuexiu Investment Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Cement Co., Ltd. and Huadu cement plant

--- Guangzhou Heidelberg cement project is a newly built factory to protect the urban environment of Guangzhou. Therefore, it is also called "Guangzhou new cement plant". The scale of the project is a 6000 ton/day clinker. After completion, the annual output will reach 2.274 million tons of Portland cement. DCS i/o points exceed 17000. The construction of the project shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) for turnkey project general contracting. The general contractor is Sinoma Construction Co., Ltd

--- SIAS and Sinoma Construction Co., Ltd. (CBMI) have signed a contract for the DCS project of Guangzhou Yuebao Cement Co., Ltd., which is owned by Heidelberg Yuebao cement and produces components within the production scope. This project is the largest DCS system in the domestic cement industry at present. Pcs7+cemat solution of Siemens is adopted for the system. The whole plant is expected to enter the commissioning stage on January 15, 2005

* * * why do customers choose Siemens' pcs7+cemat TIA solution * * *

---simatic pcs7+cemat fully integrated automation solution is Siemens' automation solution especially for the special requirements of the cement industry

---simatic PCS7 is an experimental principle: it is a unified and seamless integrated process control system under the specified sample conditions. It is a part of the fully integrated automation of Siemens TIA. This innovative process control system adopts unified data management, unified programming configuration platform, unified communication specification and flexible structure configuration, and can easily realize system integration from virtual to reality

- its dynamic performance has gradually attracted people's attention -- CeMAT is a control system specially designed for the cement plant by Siemens based on its 35 years of experience in the cement industry and Siemens' mainstream process control system SIMATIC PCS 7. It integrates all features and functions of SIMATIC PCS 7, and considers plant operation and fault diagnosis in the long run, including functional blocks and interlocks required by the cement plant. It provides advanced, long-term and economic solutions for the cement industry, and has been widely recognized by the cement industry. The number of users continues to increase. HR ⑴ 50A is a pointer

* * * Guangzhou Heidelberg cement process flow***

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