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The rapid development of domestic machine tool industry in recent years is obvious to all. We are glad to see that the product focus of domestic machine tool manufacturers has gradually developed from meeting the basic functions to paying attention to the humanized design of equipment and the perfection of details. Excellent machine tool functional parts can not only improve the appearance of the whole machine, but also an effective method to improve the performance of the machine tool from the aspect of details in the eyes of designers who pursue perfection. Buffer device: the equipment is equipped with a buffer device to avoid damaging the impact surface of the falling hammer. From the perspective of the mobile power supply of the machine tool, analyze the importance of the drag chain and drag chain cable on the machine tool

as we all know, small size, high speed and high precision have been the unremitting pursuit of domestic and foreign machine tool manufacturers in recent years, and are also one of the conditions to measure the comprehensive performance of machine tools

small volume

small volume means saving valuable ground and space, and the smaller the equipment, the more energy-saving it will be when it meets the same functions. Small size has many advantages. Developed countries have noticed this as early as many years ago, and attach great importance to the development of small size products. With the development of the national economy, this point will be paid more and more attention in China

under the condition of meeting the same electrical requirements, igus cable has smaller external diameter and lighter weight than other similar cables. The bending performance of igus cable is very good (Fig. 1), and the minimum bending radius can reach 3.5~5 times of the cable outer diameter

Figure 1 the new cf27 high flexible cable

practice has proved that the specification and model of the drag chain required for the use of igus cable can be reduced accordingly. Under the condition of meeting the same bearing capacity, the overall dimensions of the igus drag chain have been optimized and designed, which can reduce the assembly space by about 10%. If igus drag chains and cables are selected, the external dimensions of the drag chain system can be reduced by about 20~50%

high speed and high acceleration

speed and efficiency have always been the unremitting goal of machine tool manufacturers

igus all products have been strictly tested in the laboratory. The service life of the drag chain is usually more than 10million times when it runs in the air, at the condition of =10m/s and a=10m/sz. Under the condition of high speed and high acceleration, it is difficult for ordinary drag chains to achieve such service life. In the laboratory of the German factory, the igus drag chain still works well when a=78.4g. The high-speed operation of the machine tool also requires the flexibility of the mobile power supply cable. Under the condition of high speed and high frequency, the outer sheath of ordinary cables will be worn, the outer sheath will snake, the core will be broken and transmitted, so the flexible packaging manufacturers basically do not need to reduce the speed. Igus adopts a special core wire preparation process according to the specific use of the drag chain. Angstron materials company, a manufacturer of internal and external double-layer graphite (including powder) materials, plans to increase its graphene output from 3million tons per year to 1000 tons per year in 2016. It has a special strong extrusion process for the outer sheath. It is an outer sheath material with high wear resistance, oil resistance and harsh environment that is suitable for use in the drag chain

igus cables generally allow acceleration of a=50m/s2, v=10m/s for suspension and v=5m/s for long stroke sliding. The igus cable is used in the air under the installation conditions guided by the sample, and its service life is usually no less than 10million reciprocating movements. The service life data of all drag chains and cables of igus are all from the laboratory. Long service life of drag chain and cable is an important guarantee for high reliability of equipment

for the vibration of high-precision machine tools, even the slightest vibration is considered by machine tool experts seeking perfection. As we know, the conventional drag chain is composed of one section by one. Generally, the larger the pitch is, the greater the noise and vibration will be generated when the drag chain is running at the same speed. Another reason for the noise and vibration is the vibration and noise generated by the contact of the two chain segment limiters in a short time

Figure 2 E6 new drag chain

igus as early as a few years ago, on the basis of all the drag chains of E100, it took measures such as improving the limiter and adding auxiliary silencing elements to reduce vibration and noise. Recently igus has successfully launched E6 series drag chain. This drag chain adopts a special structure (Figure 2), cancels the hole pin design of the traditional drag chain, adopts a new limit form, eliminates the vibration and sound generated by the contact of the limiter through the elastic elements, and the smaller pitch and the optimized curved surface design of the drag chain side plate reduce the sound when the chain link contacts the support surface to a very low level. All these designs make the igus E6 drag chain run more smoothly, minimize vibration and noise, and eliminate the wear of the traditional drag chain hole pin catching device: the electromagnet automatically catches

igus E6 series drag chain has been widely welcomed by foreign machine tool manufacturers since its launch. Since the beginning of 2004, we have started to promote this type of drag chain in China

with the development of production technology, machine tool manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for mobile power supply. Igus began to launch the assembly drag chain readychain in Europe, which is welcomed by more and more manufacturers. After the customer puts forward specific needs, igus engineers will quickly give the system design scheme. After confirmation by both parties, igus supplies the customer with a fully assembled drag chain system of drag chains, cables and other required components. This system is the assembly drag chain (Figure 3). It can develop the design according to the specific needs of customers. The customer can decide the size of the order, the degree of integration and the length of the journey at will

Figure 3 assembly drag chain

in the process of practical application, the advantages of assembly drag chain in economy and technology have been fully confirmed. The assembly drag chain fully meets the needs of customers, strengthens the overall performance and significantly reduces the failure rate. The cost of personnel, procurement and storage is greatly reduced. If many independent parts are combined, only one purchase order code is required. Significant savings in tooling, time, and assembly area costs. In a word, many processes are omitted. These advantages significantly improve the cash flow and shorten the project implementation cycle

previously, projects on flexible energy supply systems and pre installed cable plugs focused on the drag chain, cables and oil pipes in the drag chain, plug connectors and other additions. In addition to these core components, igus now also provides steel members, fixed pipes and a variety of bolt connection methods

in addition, the scope of supply also includes components matching with igus products, such as sensor/drive distribution box, forward distributor, hydraulic component segment and linear guidance system. The complete system to be installed is directly transported to the machine factory on the igus specific transport rack. To install the complete system to be installed on the machine, all you have to do is loosen the two bolts. After connecting the contact surface and installing the cable and oil pipe, the machine is ready for operation. It's as simple as plugging in the power and starting the machine

in a word, we clearly see that with the continuous development of production technology, functional components previously considered to be unimportant are receiving more and more attention

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